Savvidi wants to unite and SKA Rostov.

President of SKA Ivan Savvidi said about possible problems with the financing of the club in crisis. It is proposed to merge the two into one Rostov club under the double name. According to Savvidi, Rostov region does not need an expensive team of the first division, with its long-haul flights. Instead, he proposes to have a strong command of the Premier League and a few clubs in the second division. Under the threat of the existence of the women’s team SKA, bronze medalist Russia, said "Sport-Express". The idea of combining clubs have already caused a sharp reaction from the fans. In interviews promptly organized by local soccer sites, it is still picking up only about 5 percent of the vote. "It is not entirely clear, as is technically possible to implement such a union — said General Director of" growth "Leonid Kovalev. — Here is a mass of organizational and institutional challenges, especially given the SKA belonging to the Ministry of Defence. As far as I know, discussed another option — to participate in a pool of investors Savvidi , financed by the "growth." In fact, he is certainly right — we have enough of investors to hold two strong clubs, the more opposed to each other. In football he proposed scheme is appropriate in the current economic climate. However, its implementation — business, rather, in the future, rather than momentary. " (14.11.2008 1:57:55)

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