SCC Red Boiler increased the shipment of finished products by 2.5 times

In the first quarter of 2011, the short-circuit current "Red Boiler" (the main production asset of "EMA") increased shipment of finished products by 2.5 times (3,336 tons) compared to the same period in 2010.
The total weight of the equipment shipped in the first quarter of 2011 amounted to 5,625 tons, valued at more than 1 billion rubles. Including 396.6 tons in the amount of 149.1 million rubles were delivered to the CIS and far abroad.
The main consignees of finished goods during this period were: the Moldavian GRES Novocherkassk GRES branch of JSC "OGK-6"; Lukoml branch office of "Vitebskenergo"; Nyagan GRES Cherepetskaya branch of JSC "OGK-3"; Urengoyskaya branch of JSC "OGK- 1 ", Tuapse refinery.
Among the large range of supply should be allocated the following equipment: Part PPC and SPP for the Moldavian GRES unit of the boiler station number 9 for Novocherkassk GRES LDPE, walkways and stairs to the boiler Cherepetskaya GRES PVD (6 pcs.) For Lukoml; sets of modules surfaces heating LOC Nyaganskaya GRES main flue LOC Urengoyskaya plant (1st and 2nd boiler), evaporator and economizer LOC RN-Tuapse (1, 2, third boiler).
There is an ongoing shipment of finished products in the execution of orders for Cherepetskaya TPP, TPP Nyaganskaya, RN-Tuapse Refinery Urengoi GRES, Novocherkassk GRES, also in April, is expected to start shipping in the piping system of the branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosenergoatom" for the Rostov nuclear power plant and LDPE for LLP "Karaganda Power Center" Karaganda CHP-3

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