SCF placed a contract for the construction of six tankers at a joint venture of USC and Daewoo in Primorye

Russia’s largest carrier tanker "SCF" placed a contract for the construction of six tankers by 2014 in a joint venture "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC) and South Korea’s Daewoo in Primorye. Just "turn-key" in Russia will be built two tankers (each customer can cost about $ 60-65 million), and for two more on the new coastal shipyard "Zvezda-DSME» of the work will be carried out. The first court order will make itself at the facilities of Daewoo in Korea, as shipbuilding joint venture will work only by the summer of next year.

The intention to "SCF" to sign a contract for the supply of 10-12 Arctic Class Aframax tankers up to the end of September the company’s CEO Sergey Frank reported in mid-September at the opening ceremony of the Arctic tanker "Kirill Lavrov", built on the "Admiralty Shipyards" in St. Petersburg. The company then conducted "intensive negotiations" with the choice of USC shipyards, because, as Mr. Frank said, "Kirill Lavrov" "is the limit of possibilities" St. Petersburg company, and it is impossible to create a required "Sovcomflot" tankers. One of the likely recipients of the order was called the maritime shipyard "Zvezda-DSME».

In September, Mr. Frank reported to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that the company is considering the construction of three oil tankers in Korea, the three ships in the shipyard "Zvezda-DSME» with participation of Korean experts, and others — all in Russian shipyards. Negotiations, as reported by "Kommersant", the press service of "SCF", completed at the end of last week, the company signed a package of agreements and joint ventures "The Star-DSME». Agreement, explain in "Sovcomflot" involve the construction in 2012-2014 of the two types of product carriers LR2 (grandfather Veit 117.8 thousand tons) and four tankers of Aframax (120.6 million deadweight tons). In addition, "Sovcomflot" signed an option to build another six vessels of types and LR2 Aframax. Amount of the contract were not disclosed, however, given that the new type of Aframax tanker is worth about $ 60-65 million, 12 ships would cost the customer $ 720-780 million

In "Sovcomflot" emphasize that the ordered vessels are the "best in class" in particular, they are much higher than counterparts in energy efficiency, environmental safety and cargo capacity. According to the first deputy general director of "SCF" Eugene Ambrosova, the conclusion of the contract was preceded by a "hard work" on the project and the choice of the shipyard contractor. The proposal "Stars-DSME» Mr. Ambrosov called "optimal."

The press service of the USC referring to the president of the corporation Trocenko Roman explained, "Kommersant" that the performance of work under the agreement, "Sovcomflot" and JV "Zvezda-DSME» «directly correlated with the construction of a new shipyard." According to USC, already during the construction of the first two tankers at the facilities of DSME in Korea will be trained over 500 engineers, designers and workers of the joint venture "Zvezda-DSME».

"Part of the work on the construction of hull structures block the third and fourth tanker will be performed on the finished production capacity of the new shipyard" Zvezda-DSME ". The fifth and sixth tankers will be built "turnkey" in Russian, "- quoted by Roman Trocenko the press service of the corporation. Note that the first tanker built for the "SCF" as part of the order, to be transferred to the shipowner in the middle of 2012.

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