Schedule over the world by 2020

So you do not relax, always remember which end of the world in which year will take place, according to the forecasts of the world: 2008 — run of the mill end of the world — will fall to earth asteroid more than 800 meters and the known consequences of such children. 2009 — according to the transcripts Centuries of Nostradamus by Peter Laurie, this year’s Armageddon. dubious end of the world. [cut] 2010 — run out of oil and the world will swallow a war for resources. Another promise that the Earth turns away from the sun — "where it was hot, there will be ice, most of the animals will die." But it will be a temporary end. 2011 — end of the Mayan calendar cycle. This end of the world may be held by a collision with an asteroid 2005 Yu55. 2012 — oh, it’s much-anticipated end of the world. There is a whole bunch — the fifth Sun, the solar system itself will become a party to the galactic axis, flattened all the cosmic cycles, changing the poles and all. Some people say that indigo children are advised to carefully prepare for these events, because 0.5% of the population has a chance to survive. 2013 — Ragnarok, it is the day of reckoning. Day start and end at the same time! Big Day! Hyperspace in the fourth dimension. For mortals it is death, but for the Gods — birth. Difficult but necessary end of the world. 2014 — astrophysicists say that our solar system gets a cloud of space dust that sweeps away everything in its path. Enough boring end of the world. 2015 — end of 9576-year cycle, which leads to the death of the current civilization. Weird end of the world. Perhaps Transition IV will save Ukraine. Or maybe not. 2016 — James Hansen, a researcher at the state of the Earth’s climate, says that this year will melt glaciers and most of the land will flood. 2017 — End of the world according to the hierarchical theory of catastrophes. 2018 — Nuclear war on the same Nostradamus. 2019 — banal collision with asteroid 2002 Nt7. 2020 — Isaac Newton on the basis of the predictions of John calculated that the world would end in that year. So be cautious and do not miss these exciting events!

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