School of Rostov region received 57 buses

Keys and documents to the new car to school principals handed deputy governor of the Rostov region, Igor Guskov. Buses set off in 17 municipalities and Neklinovsky boarding school with initial flight training to them. Fourth Krosnoznamennoy Air Army.

"We have a village school, a lot of farms. On the drive up the — 127 people, 6 routes. Some children live within 11 km from the school. We need these buses are air ", — said the director of a secondary school in the district Neklinovsky Barbara Bezuglova. "We need the security of schools — 100%. We have about 900 school buses running on school routes, more than 34 thousand children — by driving up. And today, we have solved the problem for regular updating of the rolling stock "- said Igor Guskov. Recall, this year at the expense of the regional budget in the Don municipalities will be supplied 138 buses. In 2010, 180 cars were purchased in 2011 — another 208 that was to bring the school car park in accordance with state standards.



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