Schoolboy, remember — daily orgasm replaces a doctor!

UK National Health System (NHS) has published a booklet on sex education for school children, which recalls the right of everyone to the enjoyment of sex, and that regular sex beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

Toolkit is designed for parents and teachers and calls include sex education about the benefits of fulfilling sex life. According to the authors, for a long time such an education focused on safe sex and the need to get married, but says nothing about the positive aspects of sex.

Slogan booklet titled Pleasure («Pleasure") was the phrase «an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away» («daily orgasm replaces the doctor"). One of its authors, Steve Slack (Steve Slack), director of the Center for HIV and sexual health department Sheffield NHS, believes that the allowance is not promoting teenage sex, it would seem, on the contrary, offers the students to postpone the loss of virginity until they are sure in their ability to get pleasure from it.

According to Slack, adolescents have the same right to sexual activity as adults, but only with full awareness of the issues of sex and independent decision about joining a sexual relationship with a loved one.

New official benefits are not met universal understanding. For example, Anthony Seldon (Anthony Seldon), who heads the Wellington College, which recently introduced the subject of emotional well-being, called the leaflets "deplorable."

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