Scientific developments SUSU help people with cancer


South Ural State University (South-Ural State University), today is well positioned to form a complete cycle of high technology.
It all starts with the scientific developments related research from both fundamental and applied components.
The next phase-out on the innovative component and the creation of enterprises implementing this technology in the high quality of the final product.

"We have chosen to create a scientific and educational centers where concentrated most advanced equipment for scientific purposes, for experimental design and production work", — said the Vice President for Research SUSU Sergey Vaulin. — "And this work was to give their fruit. SUSU is now co-founder of 21 small innovative enterprises, 34% of the share capital in these companies belong to the university. The total assets of these companies is about 30 million rubles. One of the leaders of a company "Astra". It works to ensure that, using the scientific potential of the South Ural State University and medical staff to develop new products which will be sold rather than as a commercial, but primarily as a socially significant.

According to Vladimir Alexeyevich Smirnov, director of the Research Center for Engineering and Metallurgy, the main objective of this work — the concentration of high-tech equipment in a common management and provision of access to this equipment to everyone within the university, and for other organizations. Here there is the most new and expensive equipment from Japan, the U.S. and Germany. All of our graduates are able to use this equipment is virtually 100%. Also in the structure of the center there is a department that deals with development works and provide services and assistance to enterprises in the implementation of their projects. Such research and education centers in the region is no more.

In the university, after a grant from the Federal Government to create a resource center for special metallurgy, was acquired by a unique machine for laser fusion of powdered metals. Studies have been conducted to determine what area this machine will be most in demand. A promising direction was such a highly specialized area of medicine, as the manufacture of implants — complex spatial structures that can be used to replace any bony parts of the human body.
Developed the technology of manufacturing the prostheses or implants of titanium powder by selective laser sintering. Such technologies already exist, but the production of the product with the technology of titanium powder was produced for the first time.

"As we grow three-dimensional model of the desired product powder. The machine has a limited working area, so the implants are made out only for the complex area are ready and neck, "said the director of a small innovative company" Astra "Lina Petrova. — "But this work is very good prospects."

As an example of the development of innovative scientists SUSU can bring real clinical case. The patient who has undergone surgery, removed a part of the bone tissue of the nose and nasal septum is almost completely absent. In the REC Engineering and Metallurgy at the three-dimensional model was made prosthesis, the patient underwent surgery for implantation of this implant. A week later, a study was conducted, which showed that the prosthesis was covered with mucous membrane, and 2 weeks later the patient was discharged home. Doctors have achieved the result that their progenitors — the patient resumed nasal breathing, and f — the implant has set the desired shape of the nose, septum began to grow and fill the lost bone. This is the second such operation in the world — the first experience was obtained of Australia.

The machine prototyping possible to produce up to 350 implants per year. Such a measure will enable the company to reach a wider regions, and even global.

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