Scientists from the Institute of Theoretical Physics. LD Landau Sciences have received prestigious awards

Among the winners in 2012 — a few people:


Alexey Starobinskii Amaldi was awarded the Medal of the Italian Society of gravity for fundamental contributions to cosmology.


Sergey Anisimov was awarded the Landau-Spitzer for 2012, awarded jointly by the Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society and the European Physical Society.


Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov and Vladimir Belinsky awarded Marcel Grossmann Award for the "discovery of the general solution of the Einstein equations with the cosmological singularity of the chaotic nature of the oscillator, known as the singularity of Belinsky-Khalatnikov-Lifshitz."


Sergey Novikov was awarded Gold Medal of the Academy of Sciences of Leonhard Euler 2012 for his profound contribution to the introduction of topological methods in the study of physics of the real world.


Alexei Kitaev, who now works in the U.S., was awarded the newly established Award for Fundamental Physics for theoretical models of quantum computing.


Note that the Institute Landau, which is the hub of one of the leading schools of theoretical physics in the world, regularly received prestigious awards in previous years. In particular, for the year 2011 are the following events.


Alexander B. Zamolodchikov was awarded the Dirac Medal in 2011 (jointly with Edward and John Cardy Brezenom) for pioneering work in the field of critical phenomena and phase transitions and, in particular, for the significant contribution to the conformal field theory and the theory of integrable systems.  


Alexey Starobinskii Medals won an Oscar Klein Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the University of Stockholm.


SV Jordanian and NB Kopnin awarded prizes Simon "for the calculation and prediction of the fundamental forces acting on the quantized vortices in superfluid systems."


AA Belavin, AB Zamolodchikov and AM Poles Lars Onsager Prize awarded in 2011 "for his outstanding contributions to theoretical physics, and especially for his outstanding ideas in conformal field theory and solved in two-dimensional models in statistical physics."



List of awards and medals of the Institute for previous years can be found here:

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