Scientists have begun to work on the scientific instruments on the project


MOSCOW, Jan. 25 — RIA Novosti. Russian scientists from the Institute of Space Research Institute (IKI) has already started to work on scientific instruments for the orbital Mars probe TGO project "EkzoMars", which is scheduled to launch in 2016, the director of the Institute for Green Lion.

"An agreement was signed, the process went. We have received funding before the new year and started making instruments for the (mission) in 2016," — said Green told reporters. He did not specify how much the institute will get to the creation of devices, but noted that it was less than a billion rubles.

Mission "EkzoMars" involves sending the 2016 orbiter to study Mars and landing on its surface lander, and in 2018 — to send the rover. It was originally a joint project of the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA, but the American side came out of it, after which the Europeans have turned to offer cooperation to the Russian Space Agency.

Draft executive agreement on the mission "EkzoMars" was approved by the Governing Council of the ESA in November, but then the Russian side declared its intention to amend the agreement to agree which needed an extra round of negotiations. The text was agreed by the parties on January 22, and now he has to obtain the approval of the Board of ESA.

Earlier, the head of ESA, Jean-Jacques Dordain indicated that further round of negotiations did not delay work on the construction of the probe and will not lead to the breakdown of the timing of the mission.

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