Scientists have constructed DNA




U.S. scientists have developed a new method of production of DNA, which they claim can be used to create new forms of life. The purpose of the project's website — to simulate a life form that will help preserve the environment. This in particular comes to producing clean fuel or create organisms that could eliminate harmful gases from the atmosphere.

Scientists from the Institute of Biological alternatives took several DNA segments and put them together, creating a complete genome of the virus, it is a safe and well-known medicine. It looks like an artificial version of it behaves just like a natural. Researchers claim to have created the genetic sequence of the virus in just two weeks. Craig Venter, head of the project said that its long-term goal — to create new forms of life, which would help the environment, for example, would be able to produce a clean fuel. Another prospective task — to create organisms that remove atmospheric gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

Virus genomes were reconstructed before — last year was "built" the polio virus. However, the new technology is more advanced and allows you to create a much more complex genomes of bacteria.

Some observers, however, concerned about the research in the field of artificial life forms. Such work on the one hand, can indeed be used to protect the environment and in medicine, but nevertheless, these technologies greatly facilitates the production of hazardous microorganisms and biological weapons.

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