Scientists in shock: the dead do not want to rot!


NTV. The strange and shocking phenomenon for scientists noted in a number of Western European countries. Slowed — and sometimes even stopped — the natural process of decay of the dead bodies in cemeteries. And it's such an unusual situation, in Munich was convened a special conference of leading experts to discuss the matter.

As reported by the leading European scientific publications in cemeteries in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, not even a sign of decay of human flesh.?
Who died almost 30 years ago, have a look, as if they were buried yesterday? — Said in this connection, the European press. A number of experts believe that the reason for the termination of smoldering corpses were changes in the ecology of the soil disappeared when the whole class of bacteria that have contributed to this process. Another assumption is shocking: the scientists believe that the phenomenon may be due to greater use? food preservatives. ITAR-TASS.


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