Scientists ISPMS SB RAS and the Keldysh Research Center have developed a coating for missile nozzles

Scientists at the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science and Research Center. MV Keldysh developed nanostructured coatings for rocket nozzles and the critical parts of a new generation of combat aircraft.


The temperature of the plasma, which passes through the rocket nozzle is over 10,000 ° C. In nature there are no materials that would be held at that temperature. The most high-temperature metal — tungsten — melts at a temperature of over 3400 ° C, can not withstand such high heat and ceramics.

According to the academician Viktor Panin, today before the space industry faces the challenge of creating shuttles that could fly to other planets. They should have a high service life. Tomsk and Moscow developers have managed to create the latest composite materials that can withstand very high temperatures.

In the Research Center. MV Keldysh is megaplazmatron where laboratory test old and new coverage for rocket nozzles. Coatings previous generation — a standard thermodynamically stable ceramic-based material and applied to a metal substrate. The substrate and coating have different thermal expansion coefficients, and when exposed to the plasma jet ceramic coating begins to "pop" and flaky. At the same treatment plasma jet new nanostructured multilayer coating is not damaged, and that is very important — its service is ten times more. And when you turn off the plasma coating is capable to recover! As is known, Nanostructured Materials — "smart" materials. Their unique feature — the ability to recover. The new coating withstood 100 cycles (one cycle — the on-off plasma).

Similar work is being done by Tomsk scientists together with specialists from the Sukhoi Design Bureau. Here the latest materials are used for application to gas turbine blades combat aircraft. In addition, the nanostructured multilayer coating can extend the life of critical parts and welds in the fighters. Typically, these aircraft are equipped with combat missiles. When they are fired, creates a powerful impetus to the construction of a fighter. The plane vibrates, and it gradually leads to fatigue failure fuselage. With the new coating increases wear resistance, durability and fatigue strength of critical parts and welds aircraft of the 5th generation. For example, the longevity of steel type EP310-W increased by 1.5-2 times, welded joints of high alloy steel VKS-12 — 1.5-1.8 times alloy B96 — 10 times.
Author: Sergey Smirnov

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