Scouts have tested electronic helpers in battle. Video Test of Sagittarius

 In the 5th Motorized Rifle Brigade in the suburbs learn complex control and communication intelligence "Sagittarius" production of "Radioavionika."

Individual navigation kit "Archer" — a mobile computer, which allows you to connect the necessary devices. Computers can be networked, and the unit commander on the screen of your monitor can track the movements of subordinates and receive information from them, including those of the enemy. Soldier is required to press a few buttons to send your coordinates, and the coordinates and type of enemy targets. Command may apply this data as an electronic map, and the picture areas resulting from the satellite in real-time. First of all, these sets will be equipped with reconnaissance units. 
The truth of this functionality can be said that this is not personal navigation kit, as they say the designers, and mobile personal combat information control system (CICS MP).  

See the video RIA Novosti, training scouts to Alabino range.




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