SE UkrNTTs Energostal put the aspiration system c gas cleaning at PJSC NFP

In April — May 2013 produced commissioning and start-up of the suction gas cleaning system with SAS-6 crushing and screening facilities warehouse hot metal number 2 plant of ferroalloys production of PJSC "NFP".

The work is done "turn-key": developed design documentation of vacuum systems with gas purification. Manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of the equipment of the forces generated GP "UkrNTTs" Energostal "high scientific and technical level.
Currently solved the problem of sanitation and hygiene for staff of this site. Of the places crushing, conveying and dust formed peresypok selected and fully cleaned in a bag filter FRIR-2000? 2 of SE "UkrNTTs" Energostal. " The effectiveness of the SAS-6 is 99.8%, while the collected dusts sent to be melted in furnaces and sold as commodity products.

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