Search Engines RB introducing nanotechnology into their work

Search Engines RB to determine the identification of missing during the Great Patriotic War are now using nanotechnology, the chairman of the Council of Regional Public Foundation for the search teams Bashkortostan Ildar Bikbaev at a press conference in agency "Bashinform."

According to Ildar Bikbaeva, now they have the opportunity to read information from the victims of medallions by using modern technology.


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Currently, relatives of the missing can only rely on what the search engines will be able to find medallions readable liners, some documents or signed items, — He said. — However, search engines are often faced with a large number of soldiers found medallions, inlays that can not be read due to the flushing of records deposited in indelible pencil.

The principle of OCR insert medallion is based on the reading of visible traces of ink or pencil left on the paper. These traces can be seen that a conventional scanner and a human eye. However, when there are no visible traces of the recording on the insert medallion, it can not be read. But searchers found a way to identify Bashkortostan on the loose leaf medallion invisible inscription containing the personal data of a serviceman. Using an optical profiler they can visualize the surface, restoring the three-dimensional surface topography, to measure coating thickness, surface roughness.

Used profiler measures the changes in the relief surface of the paper liner left writing instrument. Therefore, search engines are able to get a non-contact three-dimensional image of the surface topography with nanometer resolution in height.

With the help of physicists Ural Center for collective use "Modern Nanotechnologies" Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg) to work towards the reconstruction of the missing labels of the half medallions.


Searchers hope so they will be able to identify the many nameless soldiers who died on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War.

by Timur Rahmatullin

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