Seaside pipeline beats the world record

In Primorye, construction of inter-settlement gas pipeline from th
e GDS in Vladivostok to consumers of natural gas. Russian with a lateral to CHPP-2 in Vladivostok. The total length of the object is about 34 km, according to RIA PrimaMedia.
This unique system is due to seal in extremely difficult geological conditions (rocks), a large length of about 2.9 km in diameter and large excavation (762 mm), complex soils, complex profile of the drilling, the depth and length, the presence of a water hazard, the construction of necessary were taken into account and all the geological features. Therefore, immediate diagnosis pipe gas pipeline will be only 40 years old.
Also this year in Primorye is building another three gasification facilities. This gas pipeline from the GDS in Vladivostok to CHPP-1 with a tap on the boiler room "Northern" is 21 km long gas pipeline to Sollers automobile plant of almost 6 km away and the gas line to the unit "dry dock" with the length of 1 km. Currently, work is underway on welding and laying the pipe in the trench. The planned completion date — Fourth Quarter 2011

During a press tour of the media was introduced to the gasification facilities of Primorsky Krai, as well as held a video conference with Deputy General Director for Capital Construction and Investment Company "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" Anatoly Marinicheva. He noted that the gasification of Primorsky Krai — one of the most ambitious projects in the Far Eastern Federal District. This is due to the special conditions of the gas pipeline on about. Russian using horizontal directional drilling under the bottom of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. The builders have to travel a long distance with the large height differences. In Russia such transitions have been made.
Recall, the objects are constructed in the Primorye

Regions Gasification Program of JSC "Gazprom", which will provide energy structures of the summit. According to the LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz", with the arrival of natural gas will increase the reliability of power supply of Vladivostok.
Translation CHP-2 on environmentally friendly natural gas will significantly improve the ecological situation in the city. Currently, nearly one-third of the population of Vladivostok is breathing the emissions produced from the burning of low-grade coal. The concentration of pollutants in the air at seven times the permissible limits.

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