SEC Mechatronics expanded the range of electronic equipment

SEC "Mechatronics" finished work to expand their line of products.

The creation of new terminals and new cabinets, as well as albums of Interconnection at all voltage classes up to 220 kV.

There are the full protection of the basic lines and new cabinets at their base, which received new names — SHOZL (wardrobe basic protection of lines) and SHRZL — a case of backup protection lines. Terminals applied in these cabinets are:
— Differential-phase line protection, can work with RF
equipment of all series, (PVZK, PVZU, SEP, etc.)
— Previously implemented multi-stage remote protection and overcurrent protection.

Now there are as terminals and cabinets of all primary and backup protection lines that were previously not available in the producer line.

As the press service of the company, a fully "closed" the whole range of protections and two three-winding transformers, as well as auto-transformers.

The newly implemented primary and backup protection for all types of auto transformers with a voltage of HV winding up to and including 220kV.

All cabinets protection of transformers and auto-transformers are made on the basis of an interesting principle. "Mechatronics" applied simultaneously two different principles diffzaschity:
— First — Classic — diffzaschita transformer to unbalance the currents at the input and output;
— The second — with the use of the current transformer, which is a ground loop neutral side coil high voltage of 110-220 kV.
The combination of different protection principles provides a unique reliability and sensitivity of these devices.

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