Second life for old phone booths

Second life for old phone booths Facts

To old, unused phone booths on the streets of Japanese cities do not clutter landfills, not empty or, worse, did not turn into garbage cans that nobody cleans Kingyobu initiative group from Osaka decided to make one city aquariums with live fish. By the way, a rough translation of the name of just the "goldfish".

Five young people is sealed several such booths filled with water, devices for air and settled there aquarium goldfish. Telephone inventor himself left in kennels as entourage.

The first booth appeared in late 2011 as ekponaty for art festival, and has since continued to construct new Kingyobu aquariums from old abandoned booths and decorate the streets of Osaka. Type of fish also choose not accidental: in addition to the well-known symbol of a happy, golden fish is an integral part of Japanese traditional arts and culture.

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