Second typhoon hit the north and South Korea

Second typhoon hit the north and South Korea Weather and Climate

Approximation typhoon "Tembin" causes panic among the population of North Korea, as heavy rains often lead to disaster. Residents Korean peninsula already suggests orders after a powerful typhoon and preparing for the second, which can be particularly devastating for North Korea.

After the first typhoon "Bolaven" 12 people have died in South Korea, including eight fishermen. Extent of destruction in North Korea, where the typhoon struck late on August 28, 2012, is not clear, although the media reported the outage, flooding roads and the destruction of rural areas.
Meteorologists believe that in North Korea, "Tembin" weakened. Stormy weather with heavy rain is very dangerous for the country because of a poorly developed drainage, deforestation, and the old infrastructure.
However, the forecasts are not always accurate, as was the case with the typhoon "Bolaven" which was less powerful than expected Asians. As a result of the collapse of "Bolaven" in some cities have been damaged power lines, destroyed 8500 hectares of corn fields. Many homes and roads flooded or destroyed. More than 100 families lost their homes.

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