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From the book "The Aryan Empire. Death and rebirth"

Most people are convinced that archeology is one of the most innocuous of Sciences. Lovers of antiques poking around in the ground, searching for strange artifacts, and then exhibited in museums in their findings that illustrate the inexorable progress in the evolution of the human species of living creatures, and illustrates the inexorability of technological progress.

However, sometimes excites the imagination unexpected piquancy.

Then found in 1970 in the middle basin of the Dniester unique pottery kiln — a quarter of pottery workshops of the same type, which are used by modern potters. And pottery at the masterpieces of pottery. Especially because this is not a clear indication of the handicraft village fisheries, and the powerful industrial production.

That still standing in India, a huge column of chemically pure iron, with finely crafted carvings on it. And she, as a contemporary of our ancient ancestors, does not fit with the fact that, according to the official world of science, people at that time barely learned how to handle a good stone tools, not even knowing about the possibility of copper smelting. Does not fit with the fact that most modern technologies allow only very small smelt milligrams of this most chemically pure iron, and then only in space laboratories. With insanely expensive experiments.

Then the stalactite caves in Crimea Soviet tourists in the 1960s found a flashlight, left there for many thousands of years ago, "primitive" man. But the flashlight works on nuclear fuel …

And these findings instantly enveloped in mystery. Sometimes accepted and more drastic measures. For example, for anybody not a secret that, capturing Egypt, the French soldiers on the orders of their leaders fiercely shot from guns Slavic face of the Sphinx. Even for most artists then remained a secret, the secret of which was to preserve the order.

And how many know that the "democratic" Germany is still a top-secret archive of society merchants trading in the early Middle Ages with Novgorod. Because it contains information about the greatness of a huge empire, occupying the territory of our country.

Former public library, now renamed the National Library of Russia, not only to prevent any access to the scientists runic documents gathered centuries-known Russian scientist Sulakadzevym and sent Alexander Neustroeva library, but does not provide even an inventory of these manuscripts in it.

There is no more sensitive information than archaeological. Neither the military nor diplomatic information, or even authentic information about extraterrestrials visiting Earth are not hidden so carefully, as hundreds of thousands of archaeological finds that tell the truth about the past, the epic of specific people, and even more so were the true humanity.

Referring to this dangerous subject, we can list for readers, especially for those interested in politics, a number of documented and well-known facts and coincidences. Each of these matches alone could be interpreted as an accident or as a stretch lovers mystical exoticism. But when the facts are arranged in a circuit into a system in law — it is a science. And, too, archeology …

For example:

The French (Masonic) revolution began immediately after one of the hunters had found the tomb of the famous Jewish seer Michel Nostradamus and abused her.

The First World War began after drevneshumersky were excavated city of Ur and opened the tomb urrish King and Queen of Meskalamduga Shubad.

June 21, 1941, Soviet scientists have unearthed an ancient tomb in Samarkand conqueror Tamerlane. A delegation gray-haired old man asked scientists not to do so in order to avoid catastrophic events.

Excavated. The next day, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

In the sixties, the Arab-Israeli war began immediately after the Israeli archaeologists have discovered a "Tower of Babel" and opened the coffins with the bodies of the ancient rulers. The very first "discoverer" has lost the power of speech and was paralyzed.

The current carnage in Yugoslavia started after the amateur archaeologist discovered and excavated the tomb of the famous king-conqueror Alexander the Great.

A few years ago in the steppes of Bessarabia, the Southern Ukraine dug the grave of Prince Svatopluk Damned, one of three sons of Prince Vladimir of Kiev usurped the throne Prince, ousted the Vedic civilization in Russia and the "fire and sword" christened Russia. Sam Sviatopolk Accursed is known to have killed two of his brothers Boris and Gleb, which the Christian church and then enrolled in the saints.

The consequences? Unnatural enmity between the two Slavic states — Ukraine and Russia.

+ + + 

In the late nineteenth century, humanity has reached a critical stage of understanding the world that scientists have exhausted the opportunity to give satisfying inquisitive mind answers to the questions, using familiar, materialistic, ie mechanistic, methodology. Intellectuals, politicians and all (really scientific) world faces the need to appeal to such a world view and a methodology that could provide a holistic explanation of the various aspects of not only the earth but also the universal existence.

But put on the table a reasonable position, it would be logical to accept the fact that even the most brilliant man — just a speck of dust on the planet Earth, which itself is less than a speck of dust in an infinite universe. And the man with his brain working only three percent of its limited capacity and so are not able to give a coherent explanation ever World and the laws in force in it. A person in a position to try to explain just what is available to its senses, what he was, at least to some extent lawful. And it is immeasurably tiny part of the infinite in size and quality of the universe. And the existence of the person, which is only a single particle of the World, as a living organism, without a perfect knowledge of these laws, is transformed into a hell.

So, to give a complete picture of the world can only be the one who has the ability to rake it all, who is subservient to the whole world. That is, Genuine knowledge comes to us from the outside, more powerful personalities.

One of the main issues that have taken in this regard to the scientists, was and still is today on the question of the origin of life, the origin and nature of consciousness, the origin of the human species of living beings.

There are two mutually exclusive concepts:

1. Modern anthropology, mandatory and official for all countries in the world, based on Darwin's theory of evolution and specific enough rare archaeological finds, argues that man as homo sapiens (wise man), there are only about 100,000 years old. Prior to that, he says, there were only ape Pithecanthropus, the Neanderthals, Australopithecus, Cro …

2. In contrast, the pseudoscientific fooling the Earth's six billion people, any holy scripture gives a definite answer, the creator of the universe, God created man in his image and likeness.

The most detailed, extremely convincing to the competent physicists, chemists, biologists, the process of creation is described in the Vedic texts, in particular, in the "Book of God Vyaza." And they suggest that life is eternal. That human existence has no beginning in time domain, accessible to human reason. In the "Book of God Vyaza" in the "Mahabharata" in the Puranas and other Vedic texts tells of the Earth and the events that took place on its billions and billions of years ago.

The reader may reasonably question: "How do you explain the presence of actual archaeological finds, that the skeletons, which, according to Darwin, ape-like ancestors of man belong to?"

In the Vedas contain information that is not up to the ancient, now extinct, a highly developed civilization, and along with it existed on our planet and human-like creatures (Pithecanthropus, the Neanderthals, Australopithecus, Cro …), the skeletons of which archaeologists have sometimes found in the earth today.

That is, states that no evolution from ape to man was not. That Australopithecus, Pithecanthropus, Neanderthal and the like have existed as one of the independent forms of life, having a primitive consciousness. Just as today there is a "Bigfoot".

Only with more moral ancient civilization vedicheskoi man tried to kill them, catch, "civilize". The man lived in harmony with the environment, not destroy, the nature, and it did not lead to the disappearance of many species of living beings. The Puranas also reported absolutely clear to any sensible truth that, along with the highest technology and amazing for the modern man applied knowledge of past civilizations, their ape contemporaries used stone tools. Explanation is quite simple.

In late 1997, British scientists conducted a genetic analysis of the remains of these "primitive people" and compared with modern human genetics. The result was to destroying Darwinism. The difference is the same as between a cat and a dog. Any relationship categorically ruled out. This was announced on TV once, but in all the world's schools continue to teach Darwinian diversionary nonsense.

+ + + 

Vedas similar information on the origin of life set out almost all the holy scriptures. For thousands of years science has been separated from religion. Two worlds: the material (end of time and space) and unlimited in time and space, presented as integral parts of a whole. And the process of understanding the world was complete.

But by the end of the Middle Ages, when the bourgeoisie was ready to seize power in Europe, the efforts of its ideologues began the era of "humanism." In the center of the universe has been put "homo" — people. Complete denial of God, the primitive materialism has replaced truly scientific, God-centered explanation of the world. Genius unscientific fraud was a German, Karl Marx.

People believe in the absolutely unscientific, unproven and no one ever, not confirmed by any laws of physics and easily refuted, even at the level of school knowledge regarding the existence of the gravitational field of the Earth is rotating. The stars — are analogues of the Sun, not the planet, reflecting only light in our Universe the Sun.

Higher mathematics was invented, designed for sterile refinements demonic mind, and with the help of her mental speculation pointless trying to prove the obvious absurdity. And only a complete ignorance of practically the entire population of the Earth can recognize this science. Demons from the same physics, chemistry, biology, and other sciences cynically laughing at us, just as in the case of abuse of our epic past religion. They believe that a person deprived of Vedic knowledge can be convinced of anything, especially with the help of mathematics.

People even now go to the temples, but at best do this by paying homage to the religious concept of morality, but not believing in God, not wanting to know the true picture of the world and deliberately denying any possibility of objective, unbiased studies even themselves.

Before I tell only about the individual of the thousands of classified discoveries and facts, it is appropriate to answer the question: "Who needs it? Why is it done? Who will benefit from the concealment of the truth?"

Scientists and policy makers who know the Vedas, will answer unequivocally:

— Who knows the Vedas, ie who knows the truth of man is self-sufficient. He is aware of his true, non-material origins and true purpose of his life — the restoration of personal loving relationship with their gods and return to its natural state, home. No earthly, material strength is not able to make it to live differently than the truth says. For the lower to the higher, the time before the eternal — nothing.

The opponents also necessary that we, guided by millions of years of the Vedic worldview, perfect knowledge of the gods and their non-material origin, resigned to the idea that we're only recently emerged, highly evolved animals. To us, having lost contact with their gods were powerless before the forces, under the patronage of the powerful ecumenical demonic personalities.

Ignorant people are easily fooled. Yakshas, demons and ghosts are easier to manage ignorant people, manipulating their minds, fueling a desire in them, encouraging more and more unnatural, low-lying and even life-threatening needs. Those who live to satisfy their senses, become the slaves of the senses.

Therefore, to exclude the existence of self-sufficient individuals, introduced strict filtering of knowledge in modern science in general, and in anthropology and archeology in particular.

Those scientists, who in spite of her trying to draw attention to the ancient Vedic texts and confirming their archaeological finds, refuting the false "theory" of Darwin, dismissed from their jobs, Rogue, intimidated.

Few of our local scientists know that their hypothesis on the origin of man from apes Darwin built literally on several findings. What most of these findings have been deliberately tampered with, including determination of their age.

A huge role in this was played by the Rockefeller Foundation, and founded in January 1902, the Carnegie Institute in Washington. They always had enough money to influence the scientific and religious structures. Moreover, the staff is clearly not the Archaeological Institute of Carnegie personally engaged in the extraction, gathering and "study" they need archaeological finds.

President of the Carnegie Institution paleontologist John K.Merriam was on education and was considered a Christian. But all his efforts and abilities were directed against the real science against God, for the sake of achieving political goals demonic. He was the author of spreading subversive statement today that "science will open up a person the opportunity to take the place of God in the management of the further development of the material world."

Through such efforts had accumulated a number of materials suitable for carefully selecting and biased specific archaeological finds, Darwin could build a completely unscientific "theory" of the origin of man from apes. Unscientific, for everyone else, even more numerous finds, completely refute the demonic umopostroeniya Darwin was not just passed over in silence, and purposefully been subjected by hiding today and default.

Targeted default and subject to neglect and he had a well-known scientific fact that the fossil skeleton of an ancient but anatomically modern man could be in the hundreds of thousands of times more. But in times Satyayugi mystical power of the people was such that, leaving the material body, a man called mystic fire, and the corpse immediately covered all the sizzling flames. Even in our Kali-yuga, there is still the basis of Vedic civilization, people knew the laws of subtle energies, and they did not bury their dead relatives, and certainly burned them. Historians know that the custom of burning the corpses and was in Russia, until its forced conversion to Christianity. But even after that, up to now, the dead man is made in respect of the ceremony, which they say have covered his shroud or put it on the shroud. "The Shroud" in Sanskrit — "fire." Today, therefore, archaeologists have found, as a rule, only the remains of the once tragically dead people whose bodies were found by their relatives.

And if in the Vedas, all the information about the non-material origin and nature of life — this is the perfect, flawless concept, and there, in the Vedas, provides information on how to check it everyday practice, the Darwinian hypothesis is untenable. Starting from the pure theory, they can not explain the huge gaps in the supposed evolution, continuing lack of ability to perform an experiment and ending with the presence of thousands of fossil material that refutes this pseudo-scientific "theory".

+ + + 

Help for comparison

In the world of materialistic science of the origin and development of man recognized this chronology:

Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) — IX only thousands of years before Christ.

Mesolithic (ie the transition from the old to the new Stone Age) — IX-IV thousands of years before our era.

Neolithic (New Stone Age) — VII — the end of the III millennium BC.

The Bronze Age, or the transition from the Neolithic to the Bronze, — IV-III thousand years BC.

The Bronze Age — middle III-II millennium BC.

Iron Age — Age I first millennium BC.

+ + + 


The age of all archaeological finds, which will be discussed below, determined by experts of the highest class. They used carbon dating, uranium, and other perfogidratsionny, the most advanced techniques to ensure flawless determination of the age of any object up to one year. At the root of the different methods when applied in each case independent of each other researchers gave the same results.

In many cases, once for specific findings refute the "theory" of Darwin on the origin of man from apes, it was suggested that they could be planted or falsified, the excavations in the same place has continued in the presence and under the close supervision of reputable scientists. Typically, in such cases, researchers soon found an even more sensational finds. They are carefully described, proof of age, was placed in a sealed vault of museums, but secretly done everything possible to ensure that publicity was minimal. Many of these findings soon "mysteriously" disappeared way of carefully guarded museums, after which there were "scientific" publications that cast doubt on the conclusions of the predecessors who have studied these artifacts.

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