Secret excavator CHETRA EGP 230. Japanese shuddered


New Crawler Excavator EGP 230 for the first time presented at CTT 2011 Concern "Tractor plants". The prototype machine is ready for operation, but in a series, this model has not yet gone ahead State ‘exam’. Despite this concern management already has a well-defined plan of sales trends in the near future, because of EGP 230 answers, the assurance of the representatives of the concern, the pressing needs of builders.

Detailed specifications of EGP 230 are kept secret. Representatives of the company hide them for obvious reasons — no need to prematurely tease competitors. But some things we found out. Novelty is equipped with a bucket capacity of 1.25 cu. m and has a 175-horsepower engine. Excavator will be equipped with all the basic innovative solutions developed by experts CHETRA, such as a system of satellite monitoring and control on the basis of GLONASS and GPS, as new comfortable cabin and a joystick control. In the production of new excavator concern moved to a modern system of production — the developers picked for their offspring the best components from leading manufacturers. According to representatives of the plant, not the Chinese suppliers, but to ensure that, for example, the well-known German brands do not manufacture their products in high places hands of masters have long been impossible to recognize them.

The main thing that makes EGP 230 unique model in the family of construction equipment CHETRA — balanced design. Engineers have a clear idea of what they want to receive. Refusal to own parts of manufacturing by the principle in this case provided the best results in translating engineering ideas. Equipped with imported bridges and many other overseas units, excavator EGP 230 promises to be competitive and relevant.

Concern already has some plans for mass production of EGP 230 and expects the demand for this model as their regular customers, whose base is extensive, and from new. This refers to a family of backhoe machines versatile with a wide range of applications. Hence the conclusion: the market — all Russian and then everywhere.

Public performance tests excavator CHETRA EGP 230 must be completed in the autumn, which means that at CTT 2012 we can see this model as standard. "The main thing is said Victor Chetverikov, director of" CHETRA — "Industrial Machines", we wanted to make a new backhoe no worse and even better than the competition. 230-ka is not inferior to similar models HITACHI, KOMATSU, and so, too. " Is this true? This we will know very soon.

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