Self-propelled forage harvester from St. Petersburg

The joint venture "Kirovec LandTehnik Saint-Petersburg", established by JSC "Kirov Plant" and the German company «Doopstadt GmbH», began producing self-propelled forage harvesters E-281 "Maral-125."


Novelty is an improved version of the well-proven in the Russian fields combine the E-280.

Combine the E-281 is equipped with a metal detector and catcher foreign bodies to protect the unit from grinding metal objects and avoid damage. In a food processor used an elongated spout having a rotatable 200 degrees, and hydraulic hood, changing the direction of emission.

"Maral-125" provides milling process and the release of forage with high efficiency. Its output is: When working with green fodder — 60 t / h on slightly dried fodder — 43 t / h, when harvesting corn for silage — 60 t / h Factory experts have estimated that with good organization of a harvester "Maral-125" can ensure the workpiece up to 15 000 tonnes of feed per year. The estimated payback period for the combine useful life 8 — 10 years, including the cost of operation is as follows: in the procurement of 11.0 tons of silage — 1.5 — 2 years, the procurement of 7.5 tonnes of silage — 3 years, the procurement of 3.5 tons Silo — 7 years.

Harvester equipped with a diesel engine JAMZ-238M2 with 175 hp at 2200 rev / min. The transmission includes a running gear with three forward gears and one reverse gear. Cruise control is carried out smoothly thanks to the use of the variator.

Universal crushing device "Unikreker" due to the upgraded crushing rollers equipped with several call at the engagement and interchangeable conical disks, provides an increase in the length of the grinding gap by more than a factor of 2.5 without changing the width of the drum, significantly increasing the efficiency of the unit. The device "Unikreker" guarantees the quality of the production of all kinds of feed grains.

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