Seliger towing vessel was launched on the

Ship "Seliger" project 11982: length — 59.7 m, width — 10.8 m, displacement — about 1,117 tons, speed — 13 knots, range — 1,000 miles, the crew — 16 people and 9 people expedition.

In Kaliningrad, on the Shipyard "Yantar" launched the unique research vessel "Seliger". This is the first-born of vessels intended for testing new techniques and research gubokovodnoy bottom of the ocean.

On board the "Seliger" will be based most modern rescue equipment and deep. Already tested two manned vehicle "Rus" and "The Consul," which is not inferior to the famous bathyscaphe "The World." 

New oceanographic vessel equipped with the latest electronic systems. "Seliger" is designed for testing modern technology, which will come into service of the Russian Navy, including deep-sea manned and unmanned vehicles, speakers.

With the help of this vessel will explore the depths of the oceans and carry out search and rescue operations. After a public test run "Seliger" will go to the Black Sea Fleet.


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