Sepp Holzer — a revolutionary agrarian

Sepp Holzer calls himself — a businessman, a mountain farmer.

A simple farmer, but he was invited to read the reports of the most prestigious universities in Europe and America. Small businessman who has successfully managed major projects around the world, for example, the billionaires Swarovski (Scotland), Princess of Liechtenstein (Spain), advises the government of Ecuador …

These projects Sepp only auxiliary (low-budget) means turns the desert, marsh, wasteland barren land in the flowering gardens that do not require further treatment. His books diverge 100000 E-editions. Movies about his methods and results of the economic remove various TV companies, even from faraway Japan. Holzer has a lot of discoveries, but refuses to patent. Openly tells people about them. When he saw the interest in his method of managing and began to conduct seminars, then to his inaccessible mountain in the Alps in just one year 10,000 people came.

Sepp economy — is a site of 50 hectares in the Alps (Krameterhof, Austria). This side of the mountain (elevation 1200-1500m) is called the Austrian Siberia. The annual average temperature of 4.5 degrees Celsius (the same as in the North-West of Russia, only more extreme). In July, there are snow, hail. And yet, thanks to the understanding and use of the laws of nature, outdoors various varieties ripen cherries, citrus fruits, kiwi, grapes … The abundance of grass. It has been documented that now in Krameterhofe per 1 square. m the greatest diversity of plant and animal life in Austria.

50-hectare farm Holzer’s work only 3 persons (family Holzer and one hired worker). The plants are in a natural symbiosis and do not need fertilizing, watering and remedies. This saves a lot of energy and resources.

Quality indicators of various production facilities over the next economy. For example, if one bee colonies on average in the region get 10-12 kg of honey, the Krameterhofe 36 kg, despite the fact that labor costs a fraction. Documented that labor costs for the maintenance of one pig is 18 times smaller. Animals are living openly in nature and are eating part of an abundant harvest management.

Also in the household uses natural destiny of animals. For example, pigs dig up the soil (they sprinkled the bait in the area of land to be plowed — corn grain), they are digging, then land sown to cereals, vegetables, once again throws a bit of corn, pigs, "harrow". Work on this end.

In the 72-ponds are diluted (in a natural diet, without fertilizing and treating) the different types of fish: sturgeon, trout, pike, pike-perch, carp, etc. This is due to the natural shape of the ponds (large coastline, planted with vegetation). There is a natural cycle. Plants die and go to eat various microorganisms, worms, snails, which in turn tadpoles, frogs matured back into the pond and become the food of trout, pike, etc. Efforts owners are only to catch adult fish of excellent quality. Also farm grows an abundance of medicinal plants.

Sepp Holzer‘s "Open Letter to the problems of our time"

— Open letter to the responsible politics, economics and science

— My idea of responsible, natural life

— The problems of our time, and my suggestions for dealing with them

You show up to the light, most often in a sterile hospital, and there it shall immediately undercut the natural roots. You give vaccinations and fed an unnatural chemical food. Natural birth in the family circle and the natural vzrastanie would be the starting point for the future life of the young man. Every inhabitant of birth is entitled to their own piece of land. Land reform, which takes this into account, is long overdue.

From the fact that children grow up isolated from nature and living beings, they lose touch with the natural world around them. The increase in symbiosis with plants, animals and human beings gives the experience of relationships with each other and motivates you to do as a thinking person, coping with the task of management rather than fight. Through the observation of living creatures you define that nature is perfect and the creation of thought of all that everything is connected to everything and that there is nothing to improve. Your task is to protect.

No stupid or clever, everyone will cope if egoee not patronized. Stupid and clever create only we, the people, to the weaker you can use. I learned this from experience in my projects around the world with all kinds of people (adults, children, orphans, street children, children with musorok, etc.). So, do not patronize, but to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The experience of success, joy, recognition — the highest award, the best treatment and results in a economic sense. A practical example to illustrate this would be my project BERTHA, vital assistance in Bad AuszeeShtirii. Holzer’s Permaculture is the first in Europe adapted for people in wheelchairs.

The problem of succession of generations — a big gap in our society.

Our parents and grandparents they die of boredom in nursing homes. Children and grandchildren glupeyut for computer and video games and watching television. The meaning of creation is that older people experience and wisdom passed on to children and grandchildren. Children have the right to do so and can be better prepared for life. We must realize that we are making a big mistake. "House of Generations" and community-based projects should give the opportunity to fill this gap in the society. The lesson is split 5050 between theory and practice. Each kindergarten should be a vegetable garden, each school part-time farm and homestead in each university. This is a practical experimental capabilities and educational institutions for the future of our children and thus for the future of society.

Education — Specialization — progress — Dullness of mind

Thanks to the modern so-called progressive education, young people are brought up in isolation from nature and uprooted from it.

If you were not watching the interdependencies, the relationship and interaction in the cycle of nature you will not be able to understand and grasp them.

You can not also fit into this cycle of Excellence Creation.

What is the result rather than to understand how to operate in cycles of nature you believe in what you can improve them, and begin to deal with them. — Your task is to intervene in nature only directing it. In this case, no common sense, and creative thinking is not enough.

Our children and grandchildren oglupevayut in schools and universities, in part fall even lower. Not because of what’s possible teachers and professors are too stupid. No! And because the professors are obliged to teach a curriculum that they themselves often do not. Teachers make themselves use politicians and lobbyists. But where there is a will, there is also the way, Professor! If the professor is dependent on a political party and is under the influence of lobbyists, then he can not and will not change anything. Our sublime science before retired from practice, that her theory has not understood and accepted by the broad masses. She has lost a lot of links in the chain cycle.

Science and politics today has already missed the time when it was necessary to respond appropriately to the massive destruction of the environment (global warming). The influence of money and prevent corruption, apparently, necessary reactions and measures. Disaster reached a scale that will lead to the collapse of this sick system.

Air pollution, poisoning water and land use of chemicals and fertilizers to monoculture farming deprives us of a healthy basis of life.

Power — it’s your medicine. The farmer has to produce a lif
e filled with food, not only nutritious means, poisoned chemistry, defective due to monoculture, only filling the stomach and aggravating person. He is like a teacher must pass the respectful treatment of fellow living beings, plants, animals and Mother Earth.

The reality is, unfortunately, very different. EU directives, lifting requiring funds (grants, loans) made farmers dependent and obsessed. Farmer degraded to the recipient of grants. Prize must compensate for the limitations and damage. This assistance, or so-called cash compensation — only partial compensation for losses erroneous national agricultural policy and the EU-laws and regulations. Economic growth and retreat — the motto of the EU.

Specialists improve the mass content of animals. With animals treated more as a commodity. Natural relationship with the living beings are lost. The consequence is a massive animal cruelty. Further consequences — injury to living beings removal of horns, cutting of beaks and wings or tails, electrical shocks supervisor cows, disfigurement overly large ear tags, etc. So exhausted creature can deliver healthy food. If the animal is not feeling well and would not be useful product.

The farmer — is the soul of the people! If the farmer dies, dies Earth!

Because of the prescribed methods of farming old cultural heritage disappears forever. Old and proven ways for centuries finishing and processing disappear or are prohibited by EU regulations. Entrusted to the central processing, a huge sites such as slaughterhouses, bakeries, distilleries, dairies and cheese factories. And they are highly subsidized. In order for them to be loaded, the peasants in every way hinder or prevent them from its own finishing of the product.

The remaining small number of eco-farmers to reduce EU subsidies at the same time increase the planned duties. All of the following are known to be regulated by itself. The farmer as a slave in their yards, often deeply mired in debt due to excessive mechanization and specialization, worn under guardianship and feeling extreme demands of all these administrative tasks and abuse of our bloated administrative apparatus, dragging out a miserable existence in complete dependence. Who else is surprised by the fact that the children do not want to continue the path of suffering of their parents

The solution to all problems

It takes moral courage and resistance to laws aimed at the destruction of all life, to protect themselves from this distant from practice, bloated administrative apparatus.

Imagine yourself in the place of another — plant, animal, and human — and ask yourself, well would you feel in his place. If the earthworm feels good, then the land is healthy. Also, plant and animal feel fine, if they can live in a suitable biotope and free. You will always have an advantage and a huge success, if you properly manage possible. From the soil to benefit rather than exploit. Diversity, rather than uniformity support ecosystem. Your task in creation — to manage, rather than fight. Nature is perfect. It is nothing to improve. If you still make up your mind to do it, it would be self-deception. Nature is perfect, errors do only we — the people. You inspire fear. Free yourself from it, because fear — the worst companion in life. You’re more than just a win Od respectful treatment of creation and living beings. And to be a peasant becomes a nice occupation.

Holzer asked to publish this letter in the media.

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