Sequoia genetics reads the DNA molecule


On the basis of the molecular genetics laboratory of Sequoia genetics, which belongs to Alcor Bio and is a resident of Skolkovo, has successfully installed and running equipment for semiconductor NGS sequencing (direct method of "reading" of the DNA molecule).

This launch is the first in St. Petersburg and one of 10 for the Russian Federation.

The equipment will be used in the The project to create a diagnostic solutions for the detection of severe hereditary diseases in newborns and their carrier in couples planning pregnancy. The project is implemented with the participation and support of Himekspert Corporation Life technologies.

Platform Ion PGM (Life technologies) was selected among other solutions available in connection with the capabilities to change the system performance by replacing the chip, affordable price Sequencing and continuously high activity producer to improve the analytical properties of the system.

The first round of test sequencing and subsequent analysis of the results shows good results for the combined reading and cover. Also identified the problems inherent in semiconductor sequencing — Significant errors in the "reading" of homopolymer regions. According to the manufacturer, these problems have been partially solved by improving the quality of the reagents.

The proposed approach will significantly improve the information content of the studies and, consequently, improve their quality.


IonPGM is positioned as the first true desktop sequencer, which can not afford any genetic laboratory 

Almost after every stage of sample preparation should be cleaning the reaction mixtures from the unreacted components. The simplest manipulator supplied to the device to minimize the proportion of manual labor and standardize the process

The main element of the semiconductor sequencer is integrated microarray pH-sensitive sensors enclosed in a plastic box

A microchip is a consumable component of the system and is used for only one run sequencer 


Sample preparation is more than 80% of the time of the analysis and to provide a library of the target DNA and its amplification during the emulsion PCR microspheres. Device IonOneTouch allows you to partially automate the process

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