Sergei Balakhnin: NOW growth and Podolsk — PARTNERS

[B] — Why is the "Hero"? — First of all interested in the famous Rostov specialist, who returned to work after a year and a half. [/ B] — And what is it bad? [B] — Hardly your team can qualify for something serious. [/ B] — Tasks let local, placed in front of any club. "Hero" in this sense is not an exception. [Cut] [b] — In Saransk, where you called, would have to decide the maximum task: to return to the team from Mordovia place in the first division. [/ B] — Yes, it was an offer I chose. In the end, chose the first division, let the "Hero" and held in the tournament only one season. Well liked and working conditions. The base in Podolsk is good, there are fields for full employment. [B] — Why does one and a half years were out of work? [/ B] — because every once offered to take the team during the season. [B] — Saving someone’s name was? [/ B] — Usually it was. Clubs where all the good coaches in the middle of the championship changed very rarely. Podolsk invited to come in the offseason, and that bribed. [B] — hard to be unemployed? [/ B] — hard. What is really the soul of the curve. Long rest coach is not necessary. [B] — When beginning your work? [/ B] — On Monday. December 16th we fly to Turkey for a familiarization the viewing fee. Then the holidays, and again from January 17, will leave for two weeks in Turkey. In total, the new year will hold three collection. [B] — Changes in the team will be great? [/ B] — I think so. [B] — Already know the budget, on which you can rely? [/ B] — No. [B] — Crisis? [/ B] — It is, dear. But we’re going to get. In the Podolsk situation is just stable. [B] — How to formulate the problem that the founders put in front of you? [/ B] — Create a strong team with a game face, unlike competitors. [B] — Communication with the "growth", where they worked before, are supporting? [/ B] — Of course. Thirty years still gave the club as a player and coach. [B] — Is it true that you are betrothed to Podolsk agent Pavel Andreev, last year helped to shape the composition of "growth"? [/ B] — He gave me advice. We communicated. One of the tasks that lie ahead will be to work with young players. Ideally, they should progress. [B] — In the past year, some players in the first round do not fall into the "growth", were summarized in the "Vityaz". [/ B] — Yes, Rostov and Podolsk partners. The club has good relations. [B] — On the banks of the Don now say the merger SKA and "growth." This is real? [/ B] — Personally, I can hardly imagine like. All, of course, it happens, but the crisis will end sooner or later, and each team has its own history, its own fans. [B] — Why is the "growth" so unlucky? Established a sound team, she surely come back for a season in the Premier League — and the crisis struck. How to live on, no one really knows yet. [/ B] — It is necessary to think less about the crisis, to seek a positive. And the "growth" things will get better. I am a resident of this city and the people are not exhaust one year at the club, I can confidently say that the team is in trouble will not leave. There are problems, but the head of the field too worried about football, not to find ways to solve them. [B] — After you left, "growth" has left the Premier League. No one really explained what happened then. [/ B] — Do not wait for a confession and now — meaning they can not see. Even I do not want to remember. [B] — The country and the world recession, people are losing their jobs, the problems with the financing of many projects. In this situation there is someone who wants to solve the most important task in the first league? [/ B] — Of course! A holy place is never empty. "Anji" certainly take the risk, do not hesitate. And no crisis hurt. [B] — A transition to the new format of the championship — with no paired games — the crisis will not hurt? [/ B] — Exact solutions in the PFL yet, but judging from the available information, the patrols have decided to downsize. And so will have to play by the same scheme.

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