Sergei Yesenin of the U.S.

Anyone who knows America in New York and Chicago, he knows the only holiday or, so to speak, exhibition America.

New York and Chicago is nothing like achievements in production art. The farther inland, to California, the impression of awkwardness disappears: the sight of fleeing plains with sparse forests and (alas, terribly like a Russian!) Small wooden villages blacks. Cities are similar to the European ones, with the only difference being that if Europe is clean, then everyone in America is upturned and piled haphazardly, as is the case with buildings. Country all builds and builds.

Black people are engaged in farming and seasonal work. Language from them American. Life — by Americans. Natives of Africa, they retained only a few instinctive expression of the people in the songs and dances. In doing so, they have had a huge impact on the world of music-hollny America. American Foxtrot is nothing like liquefied national dance blacks. In other negros — the people rather primitive, with very unbridled temper. The Americans — the people are also very primitive from the internal culture.

Dominion dollar ate them all striving for some difficult issues. American fully immersed in «Business» and the rest do not want to know. Art in America at the lowest stage of development. There's still a question as to the moral or immoral to put a monument to Edgar Poe. All this suggests that Americans — people with a very young and not fully established. That culture is a huge machine that created the glory of America, there is only the result of the industrial creators and did not like the detection of organic genius of the people. The American people — just an honest performer given his drawings and their followers. If we talk about the culture of electricity, every eye rested in this area in the figure of Edison. He is the heart of this country. If it were not for this man of genius in these years, the culture of radio and electricity could come much later, and America would not be as grand as it is now.

By the external impression in America has wonderful curiosities. For example, an American policeman wearing a Russian policeman, only with other piping.

This curiosity is probably due to the fact that the manufacturing industry has focused mainly in the hands of immigrants from Russia. Our relatives, it is clear from homesickness, a policeman dressed in a familiar kind of shape.

To Russian ears and eyes at America, but mainly New York — a little with the blood of Odessa and western regions. New York City is 30 percent Jewish city. Jews mostly drove there need skitalchestva because of pogroms. In New York, they settled fairly well and have their own slang culture that is growing more and more. They have their poets, their writers and their theaters. On behalf of the literature we have a few names of the world value. In poetry, now extends to the world market with a very great talent Mani Leib.

Mani Leib — a native of Chernigov province. Russia, he left 20 years ago. He is now 38. It is hard to fight their way in the life of a cobbler's craft and only recently got a chance to be paid for their art.

Translations into vernacular, he introduced American Jews with Russian poetry of Pushkin to the present day and carefully puts young zhargonistov with quite beautiful talent from period to Gofshtein Marques. There are bars and there is a culture.

In the specific American environment — the lack of any presence.

Light is sometimes scary. Sea of fire with the lights of Broadway in New York crowd of corrupt and unscrupulous journalists. We have such a threshold and is not allowed, despite the fact that we live almost in kerosene lamps, and often entirely without fire.

The strength of reinforced concrete buildings will undo the brain mass of American and narrowed his eyes. Manners of the Americans recall the unforgettable memory of Gogol's morals Ivan Ivanovich and Ivan Nikiforovich.

As the latter was not a city of Poltava better, and at first no better and civilized country than America.

— Listen, — told me one American — I know Europe. Do not argue with me. I have traveled all over Italy and Greece. I saw the Parthenon. But all this is nothing new for me. Did you know that in the state of Tennessee, we have sons and Parthenon much better?

From these words and laugh and cry. These words describe America great in all that constitutes its internal culture. Europe smokes and throws, America picks up cigarette butts, but out of the butts grow something big.


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