Serial production of the new anti-radar missiles launched in Russia


  • 25MSE X, X and X-31PD-35E (photo - Vitaly Kuzmin, <noindex> <a href = ""  )
  • 25MSE X, X and X-31PD-35E (photo — Vitaly Kuzminhttp://vitaly.livejournal…/81476.html?thread=968516)



Corporation "Tactical Missiles" has launched mass production of the latest generation of anti-radar missiles X-31PD, told reporters on Friday at the "Gidroaviasalon 2012" CEO Boris Obnosov.

"It has increased range, superior to its predecessor. Instead of three breeding heads that were on X-31P, this one rocket broadband that allows you to fight with all the radar stations," — said Obnosov.

In addition, he said, is ready for production and supersonic anti-ship missiles with extended range. "Anti-ship missile X31-BP is ready," — said the head of the corporation.

Anti-ship missile X31-AD differs from the previous generation of missiles increased power of the warhead, and nearly twice the range. Carriers of new missiles X-31 is the Su-30 of various modifications of the Su-25, MiG-29, MiG-35 and others.

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