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As you know, the tasks that can be performed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and where the use of its economic sense, a great multitude: the land management and cadastre, geodesy and cartography, construction, municipal services, highway, agriculture, power, control and investigation of railway objects of the fuel and energy complex, conservation and environmental activities, the use in emergency situations.

St. Petersburg company "Geoskan" for the past year and successfully produces a distributor for the unmanned aerial survey complex GeoScan 101. The system is designed to conduct aerial surveys in the fully automatic mode on the pre-set program. Glider GeoScan 101 is made of high-strength and ultra-light materials it weighs only 2 kg, the flight time to one hour, is equipped with an electric motor and a single flight can shoot ground object extending up to 20 kilometers, or set up an area of 3 square kilometers with a spatial resolution of 4 — 5 cm / pixel. During daylight hours, you can fly just 4-6 making the change and recharging the battery.

To process the data using photogrammetric aerial survey program PhotoScan, the St. Petersburg company AgiSoft. The program AgiSoft PhotoScan versatile tool for generating three-dimensional models of object surfaces by photographs taken of these objects. Data processing in automated PhotoScan maximum — on the operator entrusted with a function control modes of the program. The result of GeoScan 101 and PhotoScan is: orthophoto accuracy meets the requirements of scale 1:500, 3D digital terrain model and DEM.

The use of the complex can significantly reduce the financial and time costs to perform aerial photography and processing of the data. The complex is fairly easy to use, the work process is automated and secure. Specialists of any company can pass a two-day training and confidently and efficiently use complex.

Incrementally work with the complex looks like this:

The operator with the ground control station (CBS) defines the territory of shooting and the required spatial resolution. Next, the program will calculate the flight mission (flying height, spacing, spans, etc.), test its feasibility. Flight plan loaded into the UAV autopilot.

Is launched unmanned aircraft from a catapult, and it automatically performs takeoff, exit to a predetermined height and begins to perform the flight mission. During the flight, automatically photography and photographic identification of centers with the help of GPS / GLONASS receiver. The operator on the ground line is the telemetry data (coordinates, altitude, roll, pitch, etc.). All parameters are displayed on the laptop screen and the operator of an online mode controls the performance of work, and may at any time change the task.

Upon completion of the flight mission unmanned aerial vehicle automatically returns ‘home’ is reduced to the desired height and release the parachute, there is a soft landing. From a technical point of view, the use of a parachute is the most secure way to landing on unprepared ground, ensuring the safety of the airframe and avionics, significantly prolong the use of the glider.

Immediately after landing, to the point where the data will be processed in the office, it is possible to get a preview of the result of the work performed. Aerial images are downloaded to a laptop with the software installed PhotoScan, and carried out pre-processing and construction of 3D terrain models, orthophoto and digital terrain models, it is very convenient for checking the work done on long journeys.

Unmanned systems are developing rapidly throughout the world, they open up possibilities that were previously difficult to imagine. As demonstrated by the most important event in the international surveying and geoinformatics — INTERGEO 2012 exhibition, held in Hannover (Germany), unmanned aerial systems for the company "Geoskan" (St. Petersburg) is not inferior to foreign analogues, and in some ways surpass them!

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