Service Development Strategy

Holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in Russia. The company emerged on the base created in 1928 as part of the electrification plan of the first transformer factory in the country. Today "ELEKTROZAVOD" provides a full cycle of works on the construction of power "turn-key": project development, coordination and organization of construction, supply, installation and commissioning of the main and auxiliary equipment putting into commercial operation and technical support, including diagnosis condition and maintenance of equipment. On the service towards the company, the diagnosis of power equipment, installation supervision and told the director of the Center service of "ELEKTROZAVOD" Michael Alpatov.

— Michael E., was conceived as a service activity in your company?

— Service center of "ELEKTROZAVOD" was formed from the department of external reference assembly. In general, service strategy of our company is to provide the necessary quality equipment when putting it into operation, the control status of equipment in operation, maximum participation in preventive maintenance and repair transformers and reactors at the site of installation. Service center performs the function of technical guidance assembly and maintenance crews on-site power equipment.

—  Directions and forms of work have changed, compared with the time when its infancy, this work?

— Forms decided that before we offered the service to the customer service, they are willing or unwilling to accept, but now these services are in demand, ie customer himself drawn to us. At the moment we are working with major corporations in the power grid survey of several hundred transformers. This is due to a number of objective factors: the equipment in our network of about 50-60% was exhausted, replace it at the same time is not possible, not enough any means! In this connection it is necessary to extend the work. At present, the main task — to evaluate the state of the energy park. Transformer — it is a science-driven unit, and only in the last decade have begun to realize this. Very complicated and transformer design, because it will add a lot to the wall systems, such as monitoring systems, diagnostic systems. Increased automation, now has to pass all the information on the sites and monitor it in real time.

— We have our own factories, you have a database, you have the opportunity, there are experts.

— Yes, as part of our holding company includes powerful research organizations: the former All-Union Institute of transformer "VIT", Institute of Electrical Engineering of innovative technologies, "Teploproekt", "Mosspetspproekt ‘own engineering center. And of course a part of our company is one of the leading service industry enterprises Scientific and Engineering Center "ZTZ-Service" (Zaporozhye), who works in the maintenance of transformer and reactor equipment for over 50 years. Over the last decade of the staff of SIC "ZTZ-Service" repaired about 600 power transformers and reactors, made diagnosis more than a thousand of power, converting and measuring transformers. In recent years, together with experts ZTZ Service We have created a large amount of work on the design evaluation, inspection and repair of transformers known manufacturers. It is an experience, a great experience!

— If you compare the level of your work and the level of service companies in the west.

— Can be compared. For example, if you take the diagnosis as the most modern type of activity, there need have cadres, methods and experimental equipment needed. The experimental equipment, i.e. instruments that we use — is the world’s foremost equipment, it is unique for Russia. And the instrument, and by the methods we are at the advanced level. We also have our own methods, unique even for the West.

— What kind of services provides your service?

— To ensure reliable operation of the equipment at our center set up assembly site, equipped with the most modern technological equipment and tools, staffed by highly qualified personnel. This provides technical guidance by the job. In these circumstances, the company with full responsibility to the customer is the warranty.

Another focus of the center is the diagnosis of transformer and reactor equipment and analysis of performance data. Data analysis is performed by maintaining close contacts with operators supplying the information specialists of the dynamics of changes in the parameters of equipment. The information obtained is processed, analyzed, and then on the basis of its conclusion is made about the state of the transformer or reactor.

Comprehensive diagnostic examination includes inspection of equipment in the ON state (vibration and thermal imaging inspection, acoustic and electrical partial discharge measurements, determination of the noise characteristics, vibration diagnostics of oil pumps and motors blowing cooling systems), inspection of equipment in the open position (measurement of the load and short-circuit at low voltage, measurement of the insulation of transformers and reactors, and high-voltage inputs), testing and analysis of oil samples (silica, physical and chemical analysis).

The program diagnostic tests made on the basis of years of experience observing the work of a large number of transformers and reactors, interaction with experts and other specialized maintenance organizations. To assess the condition of the equipment used by efficient and modern methods of processing of diagnostic data, conventional methods of diagnosis, as well as their own professional development of our company and the work of scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, VEI and other research and development centers, with close cooperation. On the basis of these diagnostic tests are determined by the volume of necessary repairs and other preventive measures.

— How do you assess the need for your services? Can not you work there this complex organism networks?

— No, it can not. What is the service, as it is understood today? This warranty for the lifetime of the energy unit. If something happened during the warranty period, we come instantly, investigating the incident, either repair or give any recommendations for further use.

— What about the staff?

— University graduates are not particularly willing to go to our sub-sector, because it is not an easy job with regular trips. You can find something more peaceful. But this work is interesting. Engineering activities when her feel the taste, really gets exciting. I can safely say that over the period of our center has developed a highly-qualified professionals who are well aware of features of the equipment, use modern technology for its installation and repair, have been working around the world: Russia, CIS, Egypt, Iran, Cuba, Yugoslavia China, India and many other countries.

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