Sets off GAZELLES with electric locking differential ELocker

"GAZ Group" started to produce light commercial vehicles "Gazelle BUSINESS" and "Sable BUSINESS" with an electric locking differential ELocker. Developer and manufacturer of the system ELocker is a diversified power management company Eaton. Slip differential ELocker can significantly improve throughput car on difficult areas of roads. ELocker system was developed for the markets of countries with difficult climatic and road conditions, and specially refined to meet the peculiarities of the Russian climate. After contact with one of the leading wheels of the car on the ice, soft snow, mud or other difficult terrain, slip differential transmits engine torque to the second drive wheel. This avoids stalling the car. The cost of this option is 12 thousand rubles. The differential will be mounted on rear-drive models GAZ as an option, and all-wheel drive versions will include as standard.


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