Seven thousand young pines planted in the walnut Zuyevsky forestry (Moscow region).

In a nut-Zuev in honor of Marines killed in fighting fires, planted forest. Since the beginning of autumn this is the second such action.
Many residents of the area responded to the call of environmentalists to take part in the event. This time, foresters together with pupils, students and volunteers have planted seven thousand pine trees. By the end of the year in the area is planned to plant 60 hectares of forest.

In Mytishchi tree planting took place on the Boulevard of youth. 27 chestnut trees were planted by representatives of the Youth Council, the district administration, honorable citizens Mytischinskogo area.
Chestnut Alley is located between the school number 31 and kindergarten "Pinocchio".
According to the organizers, the landing was successful young trees. Home chestnut avenue should be, and in the future it will grow throughout the district Yaroslavl. 

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