Several new schools were built in 2011 in the Amur region

New schools opened in the village and the village of Ivanovo Norsk Selemginsky region, in the village of St. Michael Novochesnokovo district. Also, put into operation the second phase of the school in the village of Zarechnoe Belogorsky area (the stadium and landscaping school grounds).

opening of the school in a. Norsk


Over the period 2011-2013 is planned to provide all schools with modern teaching, sports, health, equipment, nutrition units, to provide a 100% requirement on school buses, to conduct repairs. For these purposes, only in 2011 allocated from the federal budget of 182 million rubles.

For 4 years in the Amur repaired 50 schools. By 2017, plans to build 10 more schools and major repairs in 100 educational institutions of the region.

The new modular school in Norske Selemzhinsk district. Since its discovery in the village there was a children’s garden, which was 15 years old. The complex is designed for 80 students and 20 preschoolers. Modern school replaced the wooden building, which next year would have been 100 years old.


The opening of a new school in the village of Ivanovo.


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