Severnaya Verf sent a corvette savvy on state tests

Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" delivered to the state test corvette "savvy".


"Severnaya Verf" (St. Petersburg) today handed over a corvette "savvy" for state tests. As the press-service of JSC "Shipyard" Severnaya Verf ", previously run the program the factory sea trials, during which tested all systems and armament of the ship. Completion date is scheduled for August corvette 2011.

Recall that the corvette "savvy" refers to a series of Project 20380 corvettes. It was founded in May 2003., Launched on March 31, 2010.

The ship is designed for action in the near sea zone and combating enemy surface ships and submarines of the enemy, as well as artillery support amphibious force during amphibious operations. Displacement of the ship — 2 tons, length — 100 m, width — 13 m, range autonomous navigation — four thousand nautical miles, the crew (including helicopter maintenance group) — 100 people.

Corvette can arm 100-millimeter artillery systems universal production machine factory in St. Petersburg, "Arsenal", anti-aircraft artillery complex "Chestnut", supersonic missiles that can hit low-flying targets at a distance of 10 km, as well as two automatic gun mounts AK-630. During the construction of the ships used "stealth" technology.

OAO "Shipyard" Severnaya Verf "(formerly" Putilovskaya Shipyard ") was founded in 1912. for the construction of ships of the Russian Empire. Currently, the company specializes in the construction of surface ships and commercial vessels of various types.

Project 20380 patrol ship developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz". The ships will be equipped with the latest systems of combat. They will be used for patrolling coastal waters, escort and anti-submarine operations.


Displacement — 2,000 tons
Overall length — 105 m
Waterline length — 90 m
Maximum speed — 27 knots
Range of autonomous navigation (at the speed of 14 knots) — 4,000 nautical miles
The crew (including helicopter maintenance group) — 100

Project 20380 corvette feature is the use of elements of technology "stealth" in its construction. Also approved the export ship shape.

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