Severnaya Verf, which celebrated its 100th anniversary, with orders until 2020

"In the construction of ships for the Russian Navy at the boot, which is now in business, we have enough work to 2020. Meanwhile, it is necessary to master the existing orders. In the future we may expect work on the most promising projects.

I’ve already seen the presentation of the new project 20386 corvette design CMDB "Diamond", a destroyer and a new nuclear-powered cruiser [designer — Northern Design Bureau — approx. Ed.], participated in the show for the Russian Navy aircraft carrier, — said Alexander Ushakov. — Also on the future of the "Diamond" have projects corvette water area protection, etc. So I am sure that the contracts at the "Severnaya Verf" must be, and our company will necessarily participate in tenders in the construction of the most modern ships and vessels for our country. "

According to Alexander, "Severnaya Verf" — one of the few companies in the country, with a license for the construction of ships with nuclear power plant. "If the Ministry of Defence will make a decision on the construction of nuclear destroyers, which is now being actively discussed, it is built it will most likely have" — said the head of the company. 

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