Severomorsk allocated new apartments in St. Petersburg


183 soldiers of the Northern Fleet of North Sea Division of the Federal State Institution "Western Regional Housing Authority to ensure the Defense Ministry" (West RUZHO) presented solutions for the provision of accommodation for social rent agreements.

Since early May, the specialists of the Western Division of the North Sea RUZHO verified podordernyh 670 cases — more than half of the total number podordernyh proceedings pending verification. Established in the Northern Fleet task force interacts daily with the department RUZHO to identified during the inspection of documents resolve the problems as soon as possible.

Military personnel who have received a decision on the settlement and prepare all necessary documents, the opportunity to enter into contracts of social hiring of post — In the North Division of the Western RUZHO. Already signed 10 such agreements.

To decide on the provision of housing, most of NF will be flat in two major districts of St. Petersburg — residential complexes Detskoselskiy (Shushari) and Aspen Grove.

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