Severstal has launched a range of sheet metal factory in the U.S.


August 19. Russian metallurgical company "Severstal" has announced the successful launch of a new six-high 72 pyatikletevogo? Inch mill tandem cold rolling and pickling line (PLTCM) at its plant in Dearborn, Michigan. It is expected that a new, modern complex worth U.S. $ 450 million will reach its full capacity of 1.9 million metric tons in the six months.

"Start a new complex sheet metal is extremely important to strengthen our position as one of the most efficient and advanced steel producers in the world, — said General Director of" Severstal North America "Sergei Kuznetsov. — The new equipment will allow us to produce the highest quality products and offer special terms of service for our customers, as well as improved to produce the next generation of high-strength steels (AHSS) for automotive industry.

The new mill, equipped with the most modern control systems and advanced technological modes, will have less impact on the environment by significantly reducing the amount of emissions and waste, in comparison with the existing cold rolling mill.

Equipment for the new mill has put the company "Mitsubishi? Hitachi Metals Machinery". Company "CV Engineering" has provided the construction of the camp, and "Barton Malow" acted as a construction company, overseeing the installation of the project.

Launch of a tandem mill construction is complemented and the upcoming launch of the modern hot dip galvanizing line at the same manufacturing complex in Dearborn, worth 285 million U.S. dollars. The new line is aimed at meeting the demand for steel of the highest quality from the automotive and other industries, is offered the highest performance requirements for steel products. At present, construction of the line is close to completion, start-up is scheduled for December 2011

These activities are part of a program of modernization worth U.S. $ 1.1 billion, held by "Severstal" to expand the company’s ability to produce a wide range of high quality steel products, given their commitment to the preservation of the environment and safety.

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