Severstal has started installation of metal parking in Samara

JSC "Severstal Steel Solutions" (included in the division "SeverstalRussian Steel ") has begun the installation of a six-story steel frame ground car park in Samara total area of approximately 36,000 sq.m.
Shipments of metal weighing more than 3,000 tons launched in late June. "Severstal Steel Solutions" performs full cycle of work from design to construction of the object. Dimensions of parking for 2,011 cars, demanded appropriate design and technological solutions, in particular, the distance between the columns will be 8.1 x 8.1 m addition to the main load-bearing steel frame will be manufactured staircases and elevator shafts building envelope.

Parking is extended, more than 400 m in length, the object in the five levels with accessible roof. Parking is directly adjacent to the trading rooms of shopping center at each level. Thoughtful engineering solutions possible to create an attractive and easy way with a strong rhythmic parking near the facade, which improved the aesthetic quality of the object.

"The technology used in the construction of the parking lot, make it possible to" steel solutions "to carry out the manufacture, shipment and installation of such a large project in just six months," — says the Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales Division "Severstal Russian Steel" Yuri Sun’s.

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