Severstal has updated steelmaking capacity


August 29. At the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant completed the reconstruction of the vertical feed path of bulk materials to the converter cost 96 million rubles.
The main objective of the reconstruction — Increase productivity up to 9.5 million tons of steel per year.
As part of the reconstruction, which started in 2010, was replaced actuators (vibratory feeder bins, shakers, gate weights) of oil pumps and motors for the current meeting the requirements of production equipment.

Automation of the control mechanisms of the vertical path, implemented within the framework of the investment project will not only increase the reliability and accuracy of dosing of loose materials, but also by modern devices improve productivity technologists.

According to Andrey Lutsenko, Production Director — Chief Engineer Battalion "Severstal Russian Steel", the new equipment will ensure the smooth operation of the supply path of bulk materials by increasing the production of converter steel.

"By reducing the time for the materials in the steel ladle we can increase the capacity of the vertical path, reducing thus vneplavochny cycle of the converter", — A. Lutsenko.

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