Severstal TPZ Shexna was released on record volume of production and

shipment of products

Company "Severstal TPZ Shexna" (part of the battalion "Severstal Russian Steel") in March shipped to customers 22 thousand tons. This is a record shipment volume with the launch of truboprofilnogo power plant in June 2010.

The positive dynamics of shipment "Severstal TPZ Shexna" shows the entire first quarter of 2013. March was the most dynamic. If in February compared with January shipments rose 16% in March — already at 20%.

"The growth in delivery volumes achieved due to increase production on the electric welding unit (TESA), which produces a wide range of electric-closed tubes of circular, square and rectangular cross-section of the rank and file, and structural steel. In March TESA worked at a level exceeding the design capacity ", — says Director of Production, Chief Engineer Battalion Andrey Lutsenko.

Increased production and shipment due to strong demand for the company’s products in the construction sector. In the first quarter, deliveries were building and metal-trading organizations, above all, of the Central District, North-Western and Southern regions.

More than 20% of the total volume of shipments exported to the countries of the Baltic States, and Germany. Production of the plant fully complies with the essential requirements of the European Union and can be delivered to EU markets.

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