SEVMASH completes construction of the offshore ice-resistant stationary platform Prirazlomnaya

Sevmash enters the final stage of construction of the first Russian offshore ice-resistant stationary platform "Prirazlomnaja" — a unique construction for work in the Pechora Sea.


Completed a very important and large-scale work on the concrete.
For almost one and a half months in the capacity of the platform is poured about 53,800 cubic meters of concrete.
Currently, the project employs more than 3,300 employees, about 1,100 of them — Sevmash shipbuilders.
Being actively tightening the cable, as well as commissioning of autonomous turbines, diesel pump drives, many other types of equipment. Devices are being installed control systems and automation, configuration systems "Prirazlomnaya".

These days began checking helicopter complex platforms (in fact it is a small airfield) with flight "Mi-8" helicopter pad.

The platform "Prirazlomnaya" — Is a multifunctional complex that all operations on the development Prirazlomnoe oil.

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