SF ships headed to the Gulf of Aden to fight pirates

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MOSCOW, December 18 — RIA Novosti. Troop ships of the Northern Fleet (NF) came out and went into the sea waters of the Gulf of Aden, which will ensure the safety of navigation of civil, told reporters on Tuesday, head of the press service of the Northern Fleet Captain First Rank Vadim Serga.

"Today, the SF detachment consisting of large anti-submarine ship (BPK)" North ", a rescue tugboat" Altai "and the average sea tanker" Dubna "came from the Northern Fleet’s main base of Severomorsk in the Barents Sea. Squad in the near future will make the transition across the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal into the waters of the Gulf of Aden, where the crew BOD "North" will perform the tasks of ensuring the safety of the civilian shipping, "- he said.

According to Sergi, during the campaign, which will last a few months, a detachment of ships will make a series of visits and business visits to foreign ports.

"The crew BOD" North "will solve the problem of piracy in the waters of the Gulf of Aden for the second time. Earlier in this area of the World Ocean has successfully carried out the wiring convoys large anti-submarine ships of the Northern Fleet," Vice-Admiral Kulakov, "" Admiral Chabanenko "and" Admiral Levchenko "- reminded spokesman SF.

He noted that all ships carried SF wiring more than 40 international convoys escorted over 150 Russian and foreign vessels, prevent hijacking "Ocean Diamond" and tanker "United Emblem", attacked by pirates in the waters of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

In 2012, the task of protection of civilian shipping in the Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Africa, the crew carried out a large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" campaign which lasted 159 days. Seamen left astern of more than twenty-nine thousand miles. During the period of the area, the ship escorted 27 civilian vessels of various types, including 8 of the flag of the Russian Federation. During the period of implementation of tasks in the Gulf of Aden in 2012, seamen ensure the safety of 409 civilian mariners.

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