SFM-Pharm will launch the first production at the Novosibirsk biotech

The company "SFM-Farm", the first resident of the Science and Technology Park in biotechnology Koltsovo, located near Novosibirsk, in April 2012, will launch its own production here

This was announced on Tuesday the minister of economic development of the region Alexey Strukov.

Homepage biotechnopark products designed by Siberian scientists will thrombolytics (drugs that can dissolve blood clots), and dietary supplements to medical nutrition.

"In the biotechnopark first building has already been built, is almost completed work on the arrangement of the installation of so-called accelerators. Worth a second body lab, which also relates to a resident of the first — of" SFM-Farm. "In two months, plans to launch production at this site", — Strukov said.

He noted that the Novosibirsk authorities are negotiating with potential residents biotechnopark. "The conditions that we are building, that are preparing for today, motivate large pharma companies to plant on our site of its production. Preliminary investment — $ 50 million per resident", — Strukov said.

Early last year, the regional government has adopted a long-term target program to create a Koltsovo in 2011-2015 biotechnopark. It will focus on the commercialization of research and development of the State Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector" (located in Koltsovo), local innovative firms and companies, institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Total projected funding for the program from various sources is 1.22 billion rubles.

The total investment in the creation biotechnopark in Koltsovo in 2011 amounted to 457 million rubles, including 200 million — from the regional budget, more than 20 million — from the municipal budget, and about 237 million rubles — from private investors, said earlier the head of Koltsovo Nicholas KRASNIKOV.

Technological core of the park is to become an experimental biotech production facility shared by bacterial and viral ways. Biotehtsentra basic function is to ensure the needs of innovative companies in the development and production of antiviral drugs, vaccines, serums and bacterial agents.

It is planned that the number of innovation projects implemented by residents biotechnopark in 2015 will be not less than 55, the number of high-tech jobs created by companies resident biotechnopark — about 2 million.

The total area of the future biotechnopark, including the main site for the project is about 114 acres. It is divided into two production sites — in the 14 and 100 hectares. At the first stage of engineering infrastructure platform number 1 allows you to place scientific-industrial complex production of a drug "Trombovazim" biologically active agents of clinical nutrition and other pharmaceuticals.

Construction of the site is to increase the number 2 Koltsovo infrastructural capacity and ensure effective deployment of innovative industries and businesses — large complex for deep processing of grain, plant for production of antibiotics and antioxidants, plant for the production of biochips and other industries.


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