Shelters Snowden, Russia raised its international prestige

Shelters Snowden, Russia raised its international prestige

According to Leonid Ivashov, the prospect of "Sheremet’yevskiy prisoner" — to remain permanently in the Russian …

"Sheremetievskiy Prisoner"Edward Snowdenfinally crossed the state border. At the same time been crossed and the border of the Russian-American dialogue on the issue of ex-CIA operative home. We allowed ourselves to be more open now and not a word, but the gesture expressed U.S. partners what they think about their "unilateralism." Quickly found and the alarmists’ Obozheetozhvoyna! "Indeed, a step Russia Asylum Snowden directly against the will of the United States can be considered as a challenge, or madness, but it is in any case a precedent.

About that, what will be its consequences,KM.Rusaid military expert and president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov.
"Russia in a situation with no risk Snowden. Risks unless someone around Putin — who has an interest, their bank accounts. Most of all, Americans and send him a blow, but you and I were not in danger. At the same time, Russia sharply increased its international prestige and, I would even say, the geopolitical status. During this year, Russia has repeatedly demonstrated a certain degree of independence, especially from the United States, first on the situation in Syria, and then — to the "eight" and now — with Snowden. And the fact that we did not flinch under pressure from Washington — this is our biggest win. Payoff is that we now will have more friends who are convinced that in the event that Russia will protect them. But since Gorbachev betrayed us all in a row, "- said the expert.

According to him, Russia has raised the level of its relationship with the United States. "The Americans, in fact, nothing Russia can not make. And these are hints that Barack Obama can not come to Moscow in September — it’s not a problem of Russia, and Obama. If he does not come — the losses will be higher just for him. Here he is now really got into a difficult situation: it is impossible not to come (the world’s problems will be solved without the participation of the United States?), And if he comes — it will look like that the U.S. put up with the put strike them. Or, more likely, a prick. But, perhaps, in the future, Americans will be more tractable for the issuance of all those thugs and crooks who run them, since they do not give anyone "- added the analyst.

"You have to keep in mind that in America any president, whether he is a Democrat or a Republican, holds the same foreign policy. Just spend some of his broad smile, and others — with a gloomy face. Regarding Russia will only change the rhetoric, but the policy will remain the same. So just do not respond at all for all of their threat: to adequately implement its policies and understand that we Americans never were not friends, not even a reliable partner. Only where our interests coincide, whether it be World War II or the issues of nuclear disarmament, they are ready to meet. But never at the same time not compromising their interests. And on their rhetoric and not worth paying attention to, "- said Ivashov.

In Snowden’s perspective, continued the general, apparently forever remain with us in Russia. "I believe that his family will move to us: his relatives in the U.S. are under strong pressure of special services, public administration and public opinion. As for his relationship with our intelligence agencies — I would just hate them, if they had all those days in the transit area of Sheremetyevo with him did not work. I am confident that working with him will continue. In this there is no doubt: the laws of shady politics. They are the same for all countries of the world. Of course, all that he knows will try to get out of it. For the security of the state by any means need not be squeamish, "- said Ivashov.

"Someone probably allude to the fact that Vladimir Putin banned Snowden harm U.S. interests. Putin himself definitely has its interests there, including personal ones. And the demand was made not to harm the public. Of course, the Russian authorities will strongly hold Snowden criticism from U.S. authorities that it did not spread on the internet for some new information. But, somehow, all of this will be in any case, the competent authorities of our heritage. All that Snowden knows and has not had time to talk, he will tell. And it is — a trump card that will always be in our pocket, "- concluded Leonid Ivashov.

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