Shikunov: Protasov also need adaptation

— So, the championship of Russia took a break. "Rostov" went on vacation sixth. Rada?

— The result of a great team that dissemble? But in terms of playing like it’s not all. Sometimes, the team produces vivid games, but it does happen and failures. In general, stand with differences, there is no stability. However, we are still in the offseason all understood and were prepared for such a development.

— Coach Protasov as a novice in the Russian league, too, need adaptation?

— Sure. The man has lived long time in Greece, worked in Japan. By getting used to the Russian reality. It takes time. We have a specific city-specific fans, a new team, which he sculpted from scratch.

— Spring rumors about the possible resignation Protasova were under a foundation?

— No. Naturally, we encountered some moments of discontent. But that does not mean that after the first defeat of the "Tommy" we had to send Protasova down. Clearly, we were nervous, worried. But a man must be given time. Fans pumped negative sites, wrote that they were unhappy with the situation. Perhaps, therefore, and went to such talk.

— In particular, it was written that the key to the match was Protasova game against CSKA Moscow. Lose "Rostov" — and this could be his last game for head coach.

— It is a complete nonsense.

— Who are especially pleased of the newcomers?

— Consistently high game did not show anyone. Each had failures. We have a large range — from the sublime to the ridiculous. In the last game with the "wings" flashed Adams, who scored two goals in a match with "Saturn" — Okoronkwo. Quality game in the last matches showed Prison. But Pavlenko still can not find myself. We do not see that Pavlenko, who know.

— What’s his problem?

— Sasha irregularly spent the offseason. His two months yanked — it was said that will give us, refused. He knew for himself: to fight in "Spartacus" with Alex for a place in the he will not be easy. In general, a full winter training had not happened.

— In the future, Pavlenko can be a leader, "Rostov"?

— Of course. It has everything needed for this. Just for beginners, and it including the need to understand each other.

— Hardly at Pavlenko has prospects in "Spartacus." Do not plan to buy out the rights to this player?

— Time will tell. It all depends on what kind of problems will solve our team and what the money will be worth Pavlenko. Still, we have not a rich club. We are not prepared to pay large sums shuttle.

— The current break in the league needs a "Rostov"?

— Very much so. It’s great that he is. It’s fate. Do not forget to properly played into the training camp, and the coaches have to infect the players of the same idea. The more that people have come to us from different clubs. Someone from "Spartacus", one of the Deteriorating "Moscow", one of the "Wings", where everything is not stable. Before the start of the championship they were all in different psychological and functional status. In general, there is time to think things through and properly prepare for the new championship. Yeah, I do not think this piece of the second half of the championship. This is a new season for all teams.

— If you want a break in the championship, Adam, for example, expressed regret that there was a pause in the championship.

— Romku can understand. He scored two goals, and hence such a joke in the team locker room. But seven injured players, who are now in our hospital, but glad this pause. They have the opportunity to safely heal.

— I’m sure the club continues to breeding work. How many players can replenish the "Rostov" in the summer transfer window?

— One or two at the most. First of all, to strengthen the defense needs.

— Determine what the most capable "Rostov" this season?

— No, I do not know what to expect from the team. "Rostov" can carry wherever you go.

As many as Denis

Photo: Roman Rapscallion (press-service of FC "Rostov")

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