Ship-based helicopter Ka-27m is being tested

Upgraded anti-submarine ship-based helicopter Ka-27m is being tested in the Northern Fleet (NF). During the test, tested landing on the big anti-submarine ships (BOD), are in motion. As the head of information security press service of the Western Military Region for the SF Captain First Rank Vadim Serga the next stage of testing anti-ship-based helicopter Ka-27m is held in the water areas of the landfill SF combat training.

"The upgraded helicopter makes test landing on the helipad BOD SF on the go, as well as tested the functioning of the major systems and components" — quoted by RIA Novosti Serga.

Previously held its first upgraded helicopter landing on the helipad BOD "on foot" — when the ships were on-site parking in the Kola Bay. Also, the test program is provided:

  • testing the new board complex during the search,
  • tracking submarines
  • conducting radar submarine, surface and air reconnaissance.


Upgraded Ka-27m has advanced combat options:

  • set modern avionics,
  • improved equipment for special purposes,
  • new radar station, allowing to keep the circular radar survey with a larger radius at the same time accompanied by several dozen goals and determining their exact positions,
  • increased life span: 10-15 years.


Ka-27M has the characteristics:

  • rotor diameter — 15.9 m,
  • fuselage length — 12.25 m,
  • width — 3.8 m, height — 5.4 m
  • mass of the payload — 2 t
  • crew — 3-4 people.
  • Maximum speed — 270 km / h
  • range — 800 km.

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