Ship Kolyma Gold for the first time will take coal to Magadan


In Kolyma Northern delivery began in 2013. Coal for thermal power station of Magadan "Magadan" (part of the holding "RAO Energy System of East") for the first time lucky ship "Kolyma Gold."

In its first flight Kolyma coal ship will deliver 28,000 tons of solid fuel. Kuzbass coal, which is traditionally brought to Magadan heat and power plant, extract the Taldinskoye section of the Kemerovo region.
Only to coal storage Magadan CHP deliver 260,000 tons of coal. The cost of solid fuels and bringing it pays JSC "Magadan". For this purpose in 2013, the year of Energy will send 1 billion 288 million rubles.
"Delivery of fuel for thermal power station from a distance of Magadan us more profitable — explains Deputy General Manager, Chief Engineer of JSC "Magadan" Alex Klekovkin. — It’s cheaper than if we took the local machine Arkagalinskaya coal Kadykchan cut, which is more than 700 kilometers from Magadan. In addition, the quality of the Kuzbass coal above. It has a high emissivity and hence, it requires much less than Argaklinskaya ".
Bulk carrier with coal for thermal power station Magadan to arrive in Nagaevskuyu Bay on May 21. The next day, the 22th, a reception scheduled freighter.
Ship "Kolyma Gold" will transport solid fuel alternately with all the familiar Magadan "Golden Kolyma." The vessel is significantly different from its predecessor specifications. It is a new and modern, and its capacity to 3.5 million tons more.
Deliveries of coal, through which energy will heat Magadan during the upcoming heating season will last until November.

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