Ship repair military factories in the Murmansk region finally got a 100 percent load


If last year the amount of work done on the "Nerpa" amounted to 1 billion 334 million rubles, but this year the portfolio is formed by 2 billion 101 million rubles. At the 10th shipyard in 2009 occupancy was 52%, in 2010 — 70%, this year is 100% of production capacity. This was the general director Arkady enterprises Ohanian.
According to him, these changes are associated with the adoption of the decision of the Government in December 2010 on determining the sole executor of the state order for the Ministry of Defense and the Navy. For the first time since the start of the federal law number 94 January 2011 plants have the freedom to determine the volume of repair work, utilization of production capacity. Earlier, during the procedure of the competition, enterprises have even competed with each other, dumping competitive prices. But in the end inadequately funded and unprofitable orders. Now Ship Repair Center "asterisk", which includes and the "Seal", concludes the state contract with the Navy — and the Northern Fleet and the Black Sea, and the Caspian Flotilla. By the end of the year should occur integration "Nerpa" and "tens" — their strength will be combined to solve common problems. In the Closed Oleksandrivsk is one Shipyard — "Seal", the 10th SRH would be his docking area.
Certainly, the reorganization will entail certain cuts, warns Arkady Ohanian. Now the 10th shipyard employs 498 people, of which 88 — production workers. After the unification of the plants will employ 315 people. About 60 people falling under reduction — paramilitary security personnel. They offered from July 1 to move into a structural unit of the Ministry of Transport.
"In connection with the adoption of a three-year plan of defense contracts, our outlook for 2012 is as follows: all the ships and vessels of the Navy will be distributed to businesses USC. This means that our production capacity will be loaded at 100%, as in the Arctic and in Snezhnogorsk. Fully concentrate on our areas of repair Navy ships. We have some technologies that are not found on the 35 th or the 82 th SRH. They allow us to perform as part of the repair of the body "- said the director.
Promising for the shipyards but the remaining implementation of the programs of "Rosatom". To date, they have contracts to build single-compartment units, with Italy — disposal of nuclear submarine. It is planned to sign a contract with the Italians at the disposal of another submarine. In addition, in November this year, the first planned financing of works on the floating technical base "Lepse". "Seal" — the only company that has the technical ability to recycle this ship. The plans of 2013 -2015 years — recovery of three icebreakers.
According to Arcadia Ohanian, wages of production workers in enterprises over the past four months has been increased to 4,000 rubles, according to the website administration Closed Oleksandrivsk.
June 3, 2011

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