Shipbuilders are ready for the construction of ships for the Navy

Russian shipbuilding industry is ready for construction of aircraft carriers for the Russian Navy, reported on the exhibition LIMA-2013 Vice President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Igor Zakharov.

As the "Itar-Tass," he said, the right to determine the need for ships of this type in the Russian fleet belongs to the highest leadership of the country and the Ministry of Defence. But USC, in the case of putting the industry of such a task to cope with it. 

"The experience has given us an export order for the Indian aircraft carrier" Vikramaditya "certainly restored the previously available in industry practices that existed in the Soviet Union for the construction of these ships. Today there is no doubt that our designers and our production workers with this coped, "- said vice-president of USC. USC also purchase a copy of the French unmanned complex to create your own mine unmanned vehicles, said Igor Zakharov. "USC is developing its own uninhabited Mine Action unit and is in talks with the French company" Echo "about a possible purchase for comparison with an unmanned boat set of" The Inspector "and an autonomous unit. If the program progresses, it is likely we will start the development of its unmanned boat "- said Zakharov.

He also said that USC with Border Service of the Russian Federation is prepared to accept unmanned helicopter type by "Horizon", which will be installed at existing patrol ships of the company "Almaz".

St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau "Malachite" is working on a new project midget submarines, the vice-president of USC Igor Zakharov. "This work is carried out by us. This subject develops Marine Engineering Bureau" Malachite "," — said Zakharov. According to him, the subject of small submarines is interested in supreme command of the Russian Navy.

In turn, Advisor to the General Director of MB "Malachite" Losing Alexander noted that the midget submarines of "Piranha" wrongly perceived as an extremely subversive. "They have a broad spectrum of activity and are able to use the full missile and torpedoes," — he stressed.

"These boats can effectively carry out a large range of combat and special tasks. However, these relatively inexpensive devices to control the minimum composition of the crew, which in turn leads to a marked reduction in the cost of their content," — concluded Teren.

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