Shipbuilders of Zelenodol Shipyard summed up 2011


Shipbuilders "Zelenodolsk shipyard" successfully complete the implementation of the annual shipbuilding program. As the general manager of Renat Iskanderovich Mistahov in an interview with "Online Business", "2011 for the plant has become very prolific — go big orders. "

The expected proceeds of the enterprise for the year will amount to about 10 billion rubles (in 2010 — 7.8 billion rubles).

Commissioned by the Ministry of Defence built 70% of plant. For the Navy Russia now at various stages of construction and testing are:

— Patrol boat project 11661K "Dagestan", who has completed the first phase of sea trials in Novorossiysk and starts the missile launches versatile missile system "Caliber-NK". This is the first combat domestic naval surface ship, armed with a similar complex, which includes several types of high-precision missiles that can strike at surface as well as on shore targets at ranges of up to 300 km;

— In the spring of 2012 it is planned to start construction of a totally new project for workers — patrol ship (frigate) 1 rank displacement of about 3,000 tons commissioned by the Coast Guard Russian Federal Security Service of the SS. "We won the closed tender for a very interesting vessel for the military — I think, in February-March, we will begin to build it," — Renat Mistahov said, adding that the competition involved 12 enterprises.

— Launch a special purpose project 21980 "Rook" Serial number 982 passes the final test phase in the Novorossiysk naval base, Another boat located in the building (founded in May 2011);

seagoing tug MB-12 project 745MB for the Northern Fleet has successfully passed the factory mooring and sea trials and just freeze up at the Kuibyshev reservoir is not allowed to complete the state tests of the ship;

— According to the schedule is the construction of three small missile ships of project 21631 "Buyan-M""Grad Svijazhsk", "Uglich" and "Great Ustug". Lead ship — "Hail Svijazhsk" in 2012 will be launched and after the test run is planned to transfer sailors Caspian Flotilla. Building of ships of this project will be continued. "A series of ships for the Navy to reach 8-10 pieces — said Renat Mistahov. "Over the past ten years the plant has been commissioned for a total of four Navy ship! That is, we did not develop in a military direction — development begins only when there are orders, "said the director of the plant;

— Made an export contract to supply two frigates of Project 11661E "Cheetah 3.9" Vietnam is well developed and there is a good chance to enter the new year agreement for the construction of two more similar ships for the navy of that country;

In addition to the combat ships and boats a significant share of the production of the plant is the civilian sector — speed passenger boat project A-45 and its modifications, tanker "river-sea" RST-25 and other vessels.

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